Lemba Beta EsraEl Kingdom Registration

This Honorable Kingdom by Royal Order of His Majesty the King hereby embarks on registration and data collection of all Deqiqe/ Progeny/Offspring of Lemba EsraEl worldwide.

This will enable a direct contact with all Deqiqe Beta EsraEl worldwide and enhance a successful digital community building. Then Subsequently the Kingdom will carry the digitally built communities to go lay a foundation for a settlement on the ground. All data collected is kept in strict confidence and privacy by the Kingdom’s Administration and by Royal Order.

Data may not be shared with the third without prior consent of the information bearer.

His Majesty the King calls upon all Deqiqe Lemba Beta EsraEl worldwide to register. Subsequent to this registration, the Kingdom shall maintain an effective and ongoing correspondence with the Deqiqe.

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Uniform for deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael

Selam Lemba Beta Esrael Selam Hzb Yaman Esrael.Blessed be our Amlak , the Amlak of all Spirit and all Flesh.Selam to His Majesty King Binyam Selamun, King of Lemba Beta Esrael.Selam to Her Majesty The Queen Mother of lemba Beta Esrael Queen Lehuma Selamun Selam to the High Priest and Chief of the Priests Abune ZaAgazeto Tsiyon of Lemba Beta Esrael.Selam to the Crown princes and princesses of lemba Beta Esrael.Selam to the Royal Supreme Courts of Lemba Beta Esrael Sandton, South Africa, the promised land.Selam to the Royal Executive Council of Lemba Beta Esrael.Selam to all Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael in the four corners of the earth.Be it known that as from the first light of the 29th day of our moon Nehase and year 7092 in lemba beta Esrael lunar calendar, the uniform, tunic and or traditional wear for all deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom { children of Esrael or offspring of Esrael}, shall be as outlined in the images and descriptions attached to this Royal Message.The Lemba Beta Esrael Royal Supreme Courts, in the name of His Majesty The King who speaks through Royal Messages and by upholding the articles of the Royal Constitution here constitutes The Uniform of Lemba Beta Esrael people as legal and official uniform. Temesgen . We are thankful.Lemba Beta Esrael Royal Executive endeavors to organize, manage how the uniform would reach the deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael. This would obviously be done through the Kingdom’s store called Malakat Store.Selam Hzb Lemba Beta Esrael Selam Betasab

Netela (ነጠላ) is a scarf like cloth made of cotton very thin and delicate, with the texture of a gauze, worn by all women in Lemba Beta Esrael.
The netela has only two layers and is quite big, measuring about 63 x 102 inches. It is white with a colorful border (tibeb) between 1 to 2 inches at each end with two variations, one has only one color and the second can have many colors and patterns

The netela can be worn in different ways. For general wear, the netela covers back and shoulders and the border are folded up over the right shoulder, but for temple activities the two layers of the netela are opened and the border goes over both shoulders. When the border is worn around the face or shoulders, it is a sign of mourning, but for recreation or resting the border goes over the left shoulder.

There are other textiles like the netela. There is one called fota, that is much more colorful with a dimension of 58 x 105 inches. It usually has a checkerboard design and it is a medium-weight textile that is worn simply wrapped around the shoulders or over the head as a shawl.


These textiles are woven by hand in handmade looms. Weaving is a traditional male job and is held in remarkably high regards.

Another kind of textile we have is The Habesha Kemis (also written as Yehabesha Qemis). It is considered the traditional dress of Ethiopia, as well as, a cultural dress in Eritrea. The Habesha Kemis is a white hand-woven cotton clothing that is made from shemma. This is a cloth made by sewing together long strips of woven fabric. Approximately 75cm wide, the shemma is hand-woven by traditional weavers known as Shemane. Hand-made patterns known as Tibeb (ጢቤቤ) are made using woven shiny threads and are added to the Kemis on the waistband and edges.

However, the way the Kemis is presented can differ by community and ethnicity, for instance we have Shewa and Gondar ways or versions of presenting the Kemis. The Shewa version can choose to place the embroidery on the bottom, cuffs, or waist of the dress. Sometimes, it will feature on all three places. In Lemba Beta Esrael our version is  the Gondar version  which positions the embroidery on the bottom hem, only at the back of the dress. Traditionally, the Kemis is ankle-length and uses a white shemma. Nevertheless, you can also find modern versions which have adopted different structures and styles. Below is our Gondar version:

Habesha Kemis Gondar

The Shewa version is shown below:

Habesha Kemis Shewa
kemis with tibeb

It can take up to three weeks to finish one dress. The Kemis is soften worn during ceremonies and special events. But it is not uncommon to see them at casual occasions as well. Women will often wear the dress with Netela This too will have tibeb added to its edges, which often matches the design on the Kemis.  The tibeb can either be made up on one color or have multiple colors and patterns. It is common for the Kemis to be paired with two shawls, one to cover her shoulders and another for her head

The Netela is not the only textile women wear to accompany their Kemis. There’s a lengthy cotton sash, known as the Doncho (ዶነጮ), which can be 26 feet long. This textile is reserved for married women only and comes with colored border.


Another type of textile, equivalent to the netela but only worn by men is the Gabi (ጋቢ).
Instead of just two layers like the netela, the gabi has four and it is warmer and heavier, much like a light blanket
. Gabi is perfect for the night-time or colder seasons.


For warmer temperatures, men will cover their heads with a thin shawl known as Kuta


Kaba, an integral part of Ethiopian culture, is a robe worn by kingdom royals since BC. Kabas are now worn during traditional Ethiopian and Eritrean wedding celebrations. Although kabas are recognized as a cultural symbol of royalty, they too embody our kingdom identity as lemba Beta Esrael or heirs to the kingdom


In Lemba Beta Esrael tradition, the Kaba royal gowns bear the symbol of the pomegranate fruit {with all its six parts}, exactly like a typical star {kokeb} and the symbol of the ear of wheat or barley is also embroidered.  These symbols are derived from the way of life of Lemba Beta Esrael people as an agricultural people that produce fruits like pomegranate and grain crops like wheat and barley.  The star is depicted to symbolize the Lemba Beta Esrael people’s knowledge of astronomy. The pomegranates, the star and the ear of wheat or barley symbols that we use, are not derived from the religion of Judaism as practiced by the Jews. NO! The symbols mentioned are entrenched in our way of life and culture as Lemba Beta Esrael.Be it known. Below are the images of pomegranate and ear of wheat:

Ear of Wheat

Lemba Beta Esrael kingdom resume of governance and its Royal Executive Council

Flag/bannar of the Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom

Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom is an ABSOLUTE MONARCHY.

His Imperial Majesty the King is custodian of the entire Lemba Beta Esrael Culture; to guard , protect and advocate for the integrity of all Deqiqe lemba Beta Esrael

. The person of His Imperial Majesty is inviolable and is immune to all liability. Any party that violate His Imperial Majesty the King and or subjects His Imperial Majesty the King to any liability shall be charged with TREASON by the Honorable Royal Supreme Court of this Kingdom

His Imperial Majesty King Binyam Selamun King of Lemba Beta Esrael

The whole Nation of lemba Beta Esrael is collectively called Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael. There are twelve tribes of Lemba Beta Esrael governed here

All Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael are protected in this Honorable Kingdom in terms of’:

  1. Freedom of Speech and Expression
  2. Freedom of association; to form sub committies and regional groupings that associate to bring about change and development in the Kingdom
  3. Against all form of discrimination, prejudice and unfairness
  4. Against gender based violence. domestic violence and all manners of violence and crimes
  5. Against drug and alcoholic abuse
  6. Against genocide perpetration and infiltration from outside that tend to destroy Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael.
  8. The intruders could be of a religious nature or of a political ideology that could try to derail the Deqiqe from their culture seeing that some deqiqe may be gullible and fall for this intrusion,
  9. The intruders may try to take advantage of the gullibility of some Deqiqe, but the Kingdom shall step in and protect the Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael!
  10. Similarly the Kingdom protects the Deqiqe from any illegal medications from outside the Kingdom that have not been subjected to test by the Kingdom’s science laboratories for safety and efficacy.
  11. All medications prescribed in the Kingdom shall only be deemed legal if they have been produced within the Kingdom by the Kingdom’s pharmaceutical experts and such medications must have obtained Royal Charter Incorporation. The Royal Charter of His Imperial Majesty King Binyam Selamun, King of Lemba Beta Esrael.
  12. Against illiteracy and ignorance; the Kingdom has established Memhar Rabuwe’sena{ University of Rabuwe’Sena} Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom to provide FREE education to ALL Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael.
  13. Education in the Kingdom is COMPULSORY just for the sake of shielding and protecting the Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael. konwledge is power, life and development.
  14. The University of Rabwe’sena provides education from kindergarden to post doctoral levels of education.
  15. There are NO preschools primary schools, secondary schools and such. Its ONY the University offering ALL levels of education!!!
  16. Against homelessness and lack of energy for heating, lighting cooking and so on. The Kingdom uses the earth to build superdomes and solar energy to empower all homes offices, temples, communityl centers and such
  18. Anyone that pollutes our environment shall be deported immediately and never to be seen again near the borders of the Kingdom!
  19. Against the deprivation of the mind: All deqiqe shall have their opinions, suggestions, views, thoughts collected by the Kingdom’s social affairs director so that those opinions, suggestions, views, thoughts could be used in the construction and development of the kingdom. So that for any construction and development seen in the kingdom, the Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael could know and feel that they are a part of that construction; a part of that development!.
  20. Against malnutrition and toxicity: The Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael eat or consume ONLY that which they produce from their farms. orchards, gardens and so on. The kingdom has adopted PERMACULTURE to take care of this.
  21. No foreign foods, consumables perishables are allowed to enter the gates of Rabuwe’sena Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom. No-one knows whats in them!!.
  22. Against careless, rude, and stupid pollution. No smoking is allowed whether it be cigarette or marihuana, Anyone found smoking within the gates of the Kingdom will be deported immediately for the sake of protecting the health of the Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael.
  23. The Kingdom is against violence directed towards our neighbors. Regional Selam{peace} and cooperation are promoted highly in this Kingdom
  24. Against civilian possession of firearms and live ammunition. ONLY disciplined security force, police force and defence force may hold such weapons to protect the Deqiqe but ONY under Royal Charter Incorporation. in order to obtain Royal Charter Incorporation for their functions, the mentioned forces must meet a number of criteria through a royally appointed commander of those forces.
  25. No Civilian possession of firearms , No firearm licences must be given to civilians. For instance a civilian cannot purchase a firearm from a departmental store in the Kingdom.
  26. There are No gunshops in the Kingdom!No stupid and careless behavior with firearms!

There are many protections, freedoms, and rights of the Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael that may not have been mentioned on this Royal Bulletin, but we shall mention them from time to time

The appointment of Royal Executive Directors, Royal Dignitaries.Royal Emissaries, Royal Diplomats and Royal Messengers shall only be by His Imperial Majesty the King depending entirely upon His Majesty the King’s application of Royal standing orders and Royal Decrees.

His Imperial Majesty appoints a Chief Executive Director who heads a Board of Executive Directors responsible for carrying out executive functions in the Kingdom

The Chief Executive Director in turn by Royal Seal of His Majesty the King chooses his/her Directors and forms a Royal Executive Committee

The Secretariat/Board of Directors and the Committee may hold meetings from time to time as need arises and report to His Majesty the King for His Majesty’s highest information. through the Chief Executive Director

His Majesty the King may communicate with the, board, Secretariat and or the Royal Executive through Royal Messages and these messages shall not be subject to debate or challnge either at the Secretariat or the Board and at the Royal Executive Committee.


The  Lemba Beta Esrael Royal Executive Council are an integral part of The Secretariat under section

13 of the Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom Royal standing orders as explained below:

  1. a) The Kingdom’s Governance shall have a Secretariat  headed by a Royal Executive Committee to assist the appointed Chief Executive Director in executing his/ her day to day business. The Executive Committee of the Secretariat shall  comprise :
  1. The Chief Executive Director
  2. Deputy Chief Director
  3. Director – Lemba Beta Esrael Culture and Heritage
  4. Director –Lemba Beta Esrael Finance and Economic Affairs
  5. Director Lemba Beta Esrael Social Affairs
  6. Director ‘ Lemba Beta Esrael Foreign and International affairs
  7. Diretor: Lemba Beta Esrael Immigration and Home Affairs
  8. Director: Lemba Beta Esrael Defence and Security
  9. Director: Lemba Beta Esrael Heatlh
  10. Director: Lemba Beta Esrael Education
  11. Director: Lemba Beta Esrael Housing and Infrastructure
  12. Director.Lemba Beta Esrael Legal Affairs
  13. Any other Officer appointed by His Imperial Majesty the King based upon the recommendations and advice of His Imperial Majesty the King’s Senior Advisory Council and the Chief Executive Director

The Royal Executives in the Council currently hold positions as illustrated below:

1. Lemba Beta Esrael Telleq Kahen {High Priest } and Liqa Kahenat { Chief of the priests of the order of the Priesthood of Melketsedek,  Abune Mar ZaAgazet Tsion. ነኝ ይሁድ አና ሊጅ 🕎ዘእግዚአብሔር አና ዘኢትዮጵያEne Yihudi ena Zelidj ZeEgziABher Beta EsraEl🕎ደቂቀ ኢስራአል🕎 Ethiopia, Gondar, and USA. Director of Culture,and Heritage. Member of Lemba Beta Esrael Royal Executive Committee. Senior ADVISORY to His Majesty the King.

Telleq Kahen Zaagazeto Tsiyon of Lemba Beta Esrael


His Royal Highness Crown Prince Henok Selamun. First born son of His Imperial Majesty King Binyam Selamun Rabuwe’sena Near Senayi. The Crown Prince is Director of Health. in the Kingdom and Member of Lemba Beta Esrael Royal Executive Committee. The crown prince is a medical doctor and is always ready to serve the Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael in Rabuwe/sena near Senayi. The Crown Prince may be contacted at:

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Henok Selamun of Lemba Beta Esrael


His Royal Highness Crown Prince Kirubel Selamun Second born son of His Majesty King Binyam Selamun of Lemba Beta Esrael Rabuwe’sena near Senayi . The crown prince is Director of Housing, Architecture and Infrastructure. He is Member of the Lemba Beta Esrael Royal Executive Committee. The crown prince is educated in architecture Hydraulic engineering and computer science and is always ready to serve Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael Rabuwe’sena near Senayi. Contact the crown prince at :

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Kirubel Selamun of Lemba Beta Esrael.

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12 lemba Beta Ezira’El Tribe names in Geez

lisane GEEZ

Lemba Beta Ezirael people are a nation of 12 Gazan tribes from Asir Sena Greater Yemen. There were originally speakers of the Geez language. They are Basena/Balemba/Basaba/ BaYemini/Beta Ezira’El, True descendants of ancient Ezra’El.

They predate the Biblical Ye’akob {Jacob} who was crowned king and given the king title ” EZIRA’EL” This is the reason the twelve tribes of Jacob are not listed under the Basena/ Balemba/ Basaba/Bayemini. Its beacuase the tribe names they use are names of ancestors that were far older than Jacob and those ancestors were not narrated in the Jewish story. Basena relied on their oral traditions and not on the Jewish writings

The Basena/Basaba understand that ”Ezira’El” is not as a personal name but a title given to a king and that king does have to be Jacob, it could be anyone that El Amlak ordains or anoints.

Here is a list othe twelve tribes of the Basena

12 Gazan tribes of Balemba/Basena/Basaba/Bayemini/Beta Ezira’El
  1. BHUBAH/DUMAHI wald la SABA. Saba walada Buhubahe/ Sebuhubahe: imne Sena
  2. Selamun/Selam/selemon/Salomon/Selamawi/ Basalameka/ Dawit walada Salomonha: imne Sena
  3. Hamisi/Hamese/Hamus/Hamas’smay/Hames/Hamest/Hamesawi/Hamesay/Hamsa/Hemmase/Tehmsa/Tehmest: imne Sena
  4. Bakale/Bakale ‘smay Rama: imne Sena
  5. TABAKURA/ ABUKWAR/ TABAKWRA/BEKURE wald la Negus: imne Sena
  6. Mhani/Mani/Amani/MAHANA/ YEMHAN/ MAHAN: imne Sena
  8. SEDEQ/Yesdeq/ Tasaddaqa/ Seduq/Zasedq/ Sedqat/Seduqawi: imne Sena
  10. MADI/MADHI/MAHDI : imne Sena
  11. HASSAN/Hazzan/Hezano/Hezun/Hezent/Ba’aman wa Hezano: imne Sena

Below are the explanations of the 12 tribes of the Balemba/Basaba/ Bayemini/Beta Ezira’El

1.BHUBAH son of SABA, son of ISM’EL . BUBAH, is the same person as DUMAH and his name is derived from the patriarch SABA himself from the root SEBUBA or MASBUBAH in reference to SABA the patriarch of all BASENA/BALEMBA/BASABA/ YEMENI EZIRA’EL

BHUBAH is DUMAH. In the Geez transliteration ‘’DUMAH’’ means SILENCE from the GEEZ root DAM’A/ ADAME’A that also pertains to silence because it means listen/ harken/heed/ incline ear/ give ear

SABA, is used in reference to number 7 in the Geez numerology.

The root ‘sb’’ carries many meanings and can be conjugated in many forms to give various meanings. For instance:

Sabu’ meaning seven’ in reference to seventh day, seventh week or seventh month.

Sabbe’a meaning ‘’make seven’’

Saba’attu or Saba’tu meaning seven

Sab or Seb or Sab’u meaning seven

Seb’a meaning seven times. etc etc.

2. Hamisi/Hamese/Hamus

HAMUS is a GEEZ ordinal number meaning the FIFTH

NUMBER (5). HAMUS is the name of the fifth day. A male born

on the fifth day may be called HAMUSor HAMIS. All pertaining to the number 5.

In reference to the fifth heaven out of the seven heavens created by EL AMLAK The Creator, Hames is used as Bahames’smay {in the fifth heaven}

HAMIS is the fifth order of the 26 main graphs or syllables of our Geez language writing system. Hamis means five-fold


This tribe name should be pronounced ‘’Bakale’ in reference to the ordinal number ‘’second’’ but preceded by Ba- {in} Bakele is peculiar in Geez because it refers to second heaven as ”Bakale ‘smay” { in the second heaven}

There are seven heavens that were established or formed on seven pillars by El Amlak the Creator according to our Metshafe Qedus{ Holy scriptures} in Lemba Beta Ezira’El.

4. SELAMUN/ SELAMAN/ SELEMON/ meaning peace, His peace, let there be peace etc

5.Tovhakale/Thobakgale/Tovakare correct form is the Geez TABAKURA/ ABUKWAR/ TABAKWRA

TABAKURA means be a first born/ give birth for the first time/

first fruits/ first born. Bekure is the first born

6. Mhani/Mani

AMANI means faithful or true believer in GEEZ.

MAHANA/ YEMHAN/ MAHAN means scrub/ soften a hide/ a

soft hide. Aman is the one called Amen by most people and used at end of a prayer or in affirmation of truth or agreement and it means true or truly.

7.Hadji/Rahadji : The correct and original Geez form of this name is: HAGAR and it means a city. Therefore, HAGARAWI, HAGARITAWIT, HAGARITAY HAGAR all mean: city/town/village/province/district/homeland. However, this name has Arabic distortion to Haji in reference to journey or pilgrimage to Mecca.

8.Sadiki/Satekge: This name’s correct and original Geez form is SEDEQ and it means just/ correct/ right/ righteous. When the English word just is used like in the case of ”just king” , ”just judge”, it implies justice or fairness. In terms of choosing or selecting, it implies choosing or selecting the right or correct thing or person not the wrong thing or wrong person.

9. MAAKE/MANGE/NEMANGA/MAAKE/ MANGE means to get angry/ take offence/ scold/ threaten

MANGALA means towards/ in the direction/ by the side of/

with regard to

10.MADI/MADHI/MAHDI means guide/ spiritual guide/

AMADI means tree man/

MADI means ”I am here”/ ”here I am” in the language of the

MADI people of South Sudan, an offshoot of the BALEMBA.

11.HASSAN OR Hazzan/Hezano is a GEEZ

word meaning sadness or sorrow. One of the predecessors of the Great Lemba Ancestor Baramina{ Ba’Aman} was called Hezano

in our payers we have ”Ba’aman wa Hezano{ in Truth and sadness or sorrow}

12. SALIF/SAREFU/SARIFSALF/ SALIF means battle formation/forming a battle done in

a form of parade/line of battle/go in front/frontline/single line.

These twelve tribal names shall be elaborated in our incoming book entiitled ”Tarik Lemba Beta Ezira’El {History of Lemba Beta Ezira’El}

Flag of Lemba Beta Ezira’El Kingdom

Se’na Tsihuf Lemba Beta Ezira’El {Lemba Beta Ezira’El literature}

Donate towards the writing and publishing of Beta EziraEl literature! So that this GREAT work could be accomplished or become a GREAT SUCCESS and bring TRUTH to the scattered tribes of Beta EziraEl WORLWIDE and to the world at large!!

Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom is a Kingdom of the Basena/Balemba/Basaba/Bayemini people. These are the people of the Book. That book is the Te’ezaza Sanbat; The book of Banyemini{ Book of Mwenye}. Their identity description as the Basena is the most signicant of all. The word or name ”Se’na” points to them to an aesthetic people; the ones who embrace and make beauty and create art sciences. For instance , they are potters, basket weavers, metalsmiths. makers of irrigation systems, artists, painters, decorators and so on.

The Geez word ‘Sena” means the ”beauty of”. Their common chief ancestor was called ‘Sena‘; after whose name they built cities of Sena 1, Sena 2 and Sena 3.

Lemba Beta Ezirael Education system is usually framed by the Aesthetic ”Se’na”. So within the Memhar{University} of Se’na, the Se’na faculties and educational components include the following:

Sena Filsifina or Hatata: Philosophy

Se’na Zema: Music

Se’na Qine: Poetry

Se’na Tsihuf: Literature

Se’na Quanqa: Linguistics

Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom has a new book series on Amazon entitled ” Holy Scriptures and History of Lemba Beta Ezira’El.

In this series, only two formats of the Te’ezaza Sanbat have been published:

The paperback and hard cover. The kindle edition or format of the Teezaza Sanbat has been removed or discontinued becuase of the sacredness of the book.

The Te’ezaza Sanbat {Precepts of the Sabbath} is the Most Sacred writings in Beta Ezira’El. It opens with the most outstanding, never heard before, story of Creation of the Cosmic, the man Adam and all creatures or living entities in heavenly and earthly places.

The narration of the creation of all things by El Amlak Laul the Creator, leads us to the understanding of the presence of the Holy entity called ‘‘Sanbat” who is with El Amlak in the beginning at creation.

The Sanbat is the central core of our Te’ezaza Sanbat , not only as a sacred day on which El Amlak rested after six days of work of creation; but also as the LAW of El Amlak to be given to man and all heavenly hosts.

There is a phrase within the writings which introduces this essentiality, and that is”ONE MUST BE GIVEN THE SANBAT” meaning that one must be OBEDIENT , or KEEP the PRECEPTS/COMMANDMENTS of EL AMLAK LAUL{ Most High}

So, first, all heavenly hosts were given the Sanbat by Amlak Saba’ot {Lord of Hosts} ,but one Angel of Angels called Bernael and his hosts violated the Sanbat and were driven out of the Heaven of Amlak Laul.

Adam was given the Sanbat but violated it by eating the forbidden fruit. He was again given the Sanbat for salvation and remission of his sin.

Muse {Moses} was given the Sanbat to give and teach to all Deqiqe Ezirael{ Children of Israel} The Teezaza Sanbat goes on to account how all patriarchs received the Sanbat in obedience and how the ones who were disobedient or rejected the Sanbat suffered judgement and damnation.

The Teezaza Sanbat provides the essentials of the account we find in the Beta Ezira’El canon called ”Metsihafe Qedus” {Holy Scriptures}; which shall form the most important integral part of our Book Series on Amazon.

At this time two books have been published:

The Teezaza Sanbat and the Qeddase Lemba Beta Ezira’El have been published and the Kingdom is proud to present the two books in Standard English.

The Qeddasse Lemba Beta EziraEl is all about the lunar calendar of Beta EziraEl, the holy days and feasts and fasts, the songs and prayers recited at these feasts and fasts, the liturgy of the Sanbat, the book of the kahen{ priest} The book of hours{ used in Beta EsraEl monastery} and the importance of the language GEEZ and its relation to our lunar calendar and our entire astrology.

Front image of paperback and hardcover formats of our book ”Te’ezaza Sanbat
Back image of our Hardcover format of our Teezaza Sanbat
Back image of Paperback format of our book ”Te’ezaza Sanbat
Front image of paperback format of our book ”Qeddase Lemba Beta Ezira’El
Back cover image of our book of the Liturgy

The kingdom endeavors to publish more books to be part of the series and the titles shall include:

Lemba Beta Esrael Metshafe Qedus { Holy Scriptures of Lemba Beta Ezira’El} to be published soon.

Tarik Lemba Beta Esrael{ History of Lemba Beta Esra’El} to be published soon.

All Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael are encouraged to get themselves copies of the Literature books to read as much as they can about their scriptures, their true origin and history, their customs and traditions.

Our Videos

In The Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom we have videos mostly delivered By His Imperial Majesty King Binyam Selamun, the King of Lemba Beta Esrael: Teachings, Updates, assurances, awakening, encouragement. inspiration. planning, strategy, ambition and the general status of the Kingdom

His Imperial Majesty King Binyam Selamun states the position of Lemba Beta Esrael. Who we are and who we are not. His Majesty calls this position ” My proposition”
His Imperial Majesty King Binyam Selamun of lemba Beta Esrael in this video shocks Pan Africanists and colonizers, the saints and the profane. He explains that the name ” Africa is not the true identity of persons who call themselves African today. And that all they that call themselves african continent and republics of africa are actually ”kingdoms” not the colonial misnomer ”Africa” an Italian word.
His Imperial Majesty King Binyam Selamun King of Lemba Beta Esrael on this video delivers a Sabbath message. In Lemba Beta Esrael language ”Geez” sabbath is called ”Senbet” and this is observed according lunar calendar counting depending on the lunar cycles. His Imperial Majesty explains the liturgy of the Senbet in Lemba Beta Esrael. His majesty exposes the Greek texts behind the writings of the so called old testament which distorted the true Mashaft Qedus{ Holy scriptures} of Lemba Beta Esrael. His Majesty reinstates the essence of Lemba Beta Esrael scriptures and the importance of maintaining the customs and traditions of Lemba Beta Esrael and not to be swayed by those of other nations.
His Imperial Majesty King Binyam Selamun King of Lemba Beta Esrael shocks the world on this video explaining the real whereabouts of the most important relic of Lemba Beta Esrael called ”Ngoma lungundu” It is the duty of His Imperial Majesty king of Lemba Beta Esrael to regather all relics , sacred objects and artefacts of Lemba Beta Esrael to go along with the gathering of lemba Beta Esrael worldwide. The sacred objects give power or might to Lemba Beta Esrael. On this video His Majesty speaks with startlig power and clarity on the subject!!!
Selam Selam. On this video His Imperial Majesty King Binyam Selamun King of Lemba Beta Esrael talks about his Lemba Beta Esrael children sold into slavery in the Americas and islands of the Sea, His Majesty acknowledges the diaspora’ as ”children of Selamun” and encorages them to conduct DNA testing and is very confident their DNA shall be ” lemba” to prove beyond doubt that they are truly truly Lemba Beta Esrael children. His Majesty finally makes a call to all those having lemba DNA to come back to the kingdom and enjoy their long forgotten heritage.
Selam lelikululumu. His Imperial Majesty King Binyam Selamun King of Lemba Beta Esrael, On this video calls on all deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael especailly those in Senayi{ South Africa} to prepare for the Great entourage where His Majesty shall return with great glory and honor. His Majesty urges the deqiqe to form groups in their homes , towns, cities villages and hamlets to prepare for the kingdom that shall come to them. His Majesty says the time is near. The kingdom of Lemba Beta Esrael is at hand. Are the deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael ready for this great Royal entourage.? It is a call and challenge to all Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael worldwide.
Selam Selam Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael. His Imperial Majesty Binyam Selamun on this video greets all Royal dignitaries with great honor. His Majesty looks back as his children that were sold into slavery with love and admiration but gives a hard look and a strong word to those that enslaved his children. His Majesty goes on and lays a charge emphasizing that reparations be paid. No-one enslaves, robs, and steals by mistake, the victim must go on and lay a charge. The perpetrators should have been stopped. His Majesty speaks like a real warrior on this video.

Lemba Beta Esrael Registered in South Africa

Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom has been officially and legally registered in the Republic of South Africa. Lemba Beta Esrael has been registered under the articles and provisions of South Africa’s Companies and Intellectual Property Commission{CIPC}, a member of the Department of Trade and Industry group , as a Non Profit Company {NPC}

Lemba Beta Esrael functions under articles of incorporation provided by CIPC and carries the memorandum of incorporation signed by designated directors of Lemba Beta Esrael.

The backbone of this formation is that directors and or incorporates of the Non Profit company do not share the profits as is the case in companies that are not non profit. Rather , the directors and or incorporates direct finances earned in the corporation towards helping Lemba Beta Esrael people. Earnings or rewards given to directors for their sacrifice can only be passed as compensation. We are glad and proud to announce that all our directors currently work voluntarily with full devotion to the development and advancement of Lemba Beta Esrael.

Below we display the image of the certificate of registration of Lemba Beta Esrael as a Non Profit Company and to foster transparency and legal standing of Lemba Beta Esrael. All those stakeholders and partners that endeavor to enter into legal agreements with Lemba Beta Esrael , may request a pdf copy of the registration certificate and or original copy of the memorandum of incorporation at

This assures all partners, stakeholders, members , players and collaborators, of the credibility , authenticity of Lemba Beta Esrael and peace of mind on the part of all role players when working with lemba Beta Esrael or participating in Lemba Beta Esrael Activities. Below is the image of our registration certificate

Physical address:

Lemba Beta Esrael Royal Court Pretoria

Gauteng Province

South Africa

Lemba Beta EsraEl Royal Court Santiago Chile

South America


Tel: +56989642393 Email:

Be it known that South Africa is the promised land and the New Jerusalem for all Lemba Beta Esrael people.

All Lemba Beta Esrael people do recall our oral traditions and events that led to South Africa attaining this status. The Amlak El Mwali Sena Amlak La kullu Manfas sent a star to lead the Lemba Beta Esrael fathers out of Sena, Yemen to Hasaba, to Sena in Sofala, to Mapungubwe, to Great Zimbabwe and crossed the Vhembe river into the land of the Vhangona {now part of Limpopo province} led by the Great Selamun of Lemba Beta Esrael.

The Forefathers carried the drum of the Dead, the Drum of Mwali, the drum that thunders { Ngoma lungundu} and entered what is now limpopo province of the present Day Republic of South Africa. For this reason, we honor the Honorable Republic of South Africa as the Promised land and the New Jerusalem.

To have Lemba Beta Esrael Registered in South Africa is a great signal of the Great arrival in the promised land. This registration marks the sitting of the Kingdom in South Africa as ”Lemba Beta Esrael Royal Supreme Courts South Africa.” and as a historic move of all time.

Be it known too that this honorable kingdom is registered in Santiago Chile South America, the current Sitting of His Majesty King Binyam Selamun, King of Lemba Beta Esrael and Indianapolis Royal Court United States of America under His Royal Highness Prince Amun of Lemba Beta Esrael.

However, Lemba Beta Royal Supreme Courts South Africa endeavor to coordinate, manage, host and preside over the glorious return and the glorious welcoming of His Majesty the king to South Africa the promised land.

At Lemba Beta Esrael Supreme Courts South Africa, His Majesty the king, shall be given a Royal and dignified welcome by Her Majesty the Queen Mother Bukeka Na’ayah Esrael Qongqo of lemba Beta Esrael, the mother of all Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael, and His Majesty shall also be welcomed by Her Royal Highness Princess Palesa Pholosi of Lemba Beta Esrael, who shall also distinguish several Royal Personages in the promised land to greet and meet His Majesty the king.

His Majesty the king, shall leave Chile, the land of sojourn and head to South Africa with great Glory, Chants , Songs. Poems and Ululations.

There shall be wonders and signs in the sky and on the earth below during His Majesty’ the king’s arrival and it shall be known to all nations!

Registration of Lemba Beta Esrael in the Honorable Republic of South Africa, means all of the above.

About Us

About Lemba Beta Esrael people

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lemba people2

lemba people
Beta Esrael people
Lemba Beta Esrael people are the native tribes of the land of Israel that had been scattered to the four corners of the earth.
The name ‘’Lemba’’ defines them as an industrious. agricultural and productive people, the nature and qualities they genetically received from their forefathers , the Sabeans, sons of the patriarch ‘’Saba’’ and Chief ancestral Ancestor Sena and ancestor Amun, whose homeland lied/lies on the plains, valleys and watercourses of the Southwest Arabian  Peninsula called ASIR { THE GREATER YEMEN} now  situated in  the modern Yemen and parts of Saudi Arabia especially the Asir province  of Saudi Arabia with the capital  of Asir province at ABHA.
Their Greater Yemen { Asir} homeland was a part of ancient Eastern Ethiopia, a part of the Puntlands
Before migration to Eastern Ethiopia{ inculding Southwest Arabia, the Basena/ Balemba/Basaba/puntewetes were inhabitants of the banks of the Blue Nile  in ancient Western Ethiopia. Their remants caan still find today in the region of Benishangul Gumuz.
Basena/Balemba brought Punt Civilization to the now So called Southwest Arabia. This civilization was/is also called SENA.
Like their ancestors the Sabeans, the lemba people had a special flair for trade and were indeed tradesman in incense, and spices. They were also miners of Gold. copper, iron. etc. They traded in ivory. They were craftsmen, artisans, metal smiths. The list is endless.
The name ‘’Lemba’’ comes from the Geez/’Amharic/Tigrinya root’’ lem’’ or lemlem’’ meaning to cultivate crops or to contribute society in a profitable way.
In Bantu languages’’ {SeSotho , SeTswana, Sepedi} ‘’lema’’ means ‘cultivate’’ plant’’ while ‘’Malema’’ means one with a tendency of planting or cultivating crops
They are ‘’Beta Esrael’’ Beta’’ means house or family or household, making the famous name ‘Betasab { corrupted to Batsheba} to mean family or house of Saba. Saba, the patriarch.
One can see from this , that the mother of the Great Biblical Solomon was Betasab meaning family or house of Saba, showing clearly that she was the daughter of Saba the father or one born from that family or lineage of Saba.
The part of her name ‘’Beta’’ does NOT mean ‘’daughter’’ or daughter of’’. it means house.
Today many Lemba people call themselves Bashavhi, which means Basaba {sons of Saba} Hasaba which means from Saba or of the lineage of Saba.
Since the Sabean/Sena ancestors of the lembas were traders, the name ‘’Bashavhi’’ is taken to mean ‘’traders’’ even though we know that they are pronouncing their lineage in the name Saba.
The name ‘’Esrael’’ comes from the name ‘’Ezra’’ which means ‘helper or aider’’ . ‘’El’’ means the Almighty God . Therefore Ezrael means ‘’ Helper or aider of the Almighty God or the one who rules with God. or a mighty ruler.
The name Yeakob{ Jacob} means a follower, but after Yeakob the follower had demonstrated his valor in war, he was turned into a ruler or leader, and he was no longer regarded as a follower{ Yeakob}
Now Lemba Beta Esrael people in the diaspora, can be found in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia, going by the name ’’Hebrew Israelites’’ Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom Should like to have this name changed to ”Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael” meaning Children of Lemba Beta Esrael. This is exactly who they are!
In the African continent, we have Lemba Beta Esrael people identified as the following:
1. Zimbabwe and South Africa lemba Beta Esrael people are called LEMBA
2 Rwanda and Burundi Lemba Beta Esrael people are called TUTSI
3.Uganda lemba Beta Esrael people are called ABAJUDAYA
4, Ethiopian lemba Beta Esrael people are called BETA ESRAEL
5. Malawi, Kenya and Tanzania lemba Beta Esrael people are called BAMWENYE
6. Congo lemba Beta Esrael people are called BALUBA
7. Nigerian lemba Beta Esrael people are called IGBO
8 Ghana lemba Beta Esrael people are called ASHANTI or SEFWE
9.Sudan lemba Beta Esrael people are called MAHDI
10. Mozambique lemba Beta Esrael people are called BASENA
11.Our Lemba Beta Esrael people in the modern state of Israel are called Ethiopian Jews{ ”Beta Esrael” is the the right name}

Historical Background of Lemba Beta Esrael.

We the people of Beta Esrael are descendants of ancient Esrael from Asir { the Greater Yemen.} in the city of Sena. Sena is the name of our Chief ancestral spirit or medium. Saba is our patriarch, Baramina/Amun is our ancestor.
The name  Sena is a Geez word that means ”beauty of” This name Sena characterizes the Basena/Balemba as an aesthetic people{ admirers and makers of beauty} Sena is art and science found in our education system, all with added aesthetic value, There is Sena of music, poetry, oral history, architecture, craftsmanship , mining, metal smithing,  and so on.
During the famine in our homeland Asir { Greater Yemen} around1800BC, our ancestors migrated to Hasaba{ now Ethiopia especially in the red sea  coastal plains of the now Eritrea and Djibouti near the crossing of  the red sea at the strait of Bab el Mandeb.
The Basena/Balemba/Yemini Esrael NEVER went to Gabs {Ancient Egypt} They went to seek refuge in Hasaba{ Ethiopia} their kin who spoke the same language GEEZ. Muse { moses} spoke Geez and the commandents he received from EL AMLAK ESRAEL were written in the GEEZ language not the so called Aramaic nor Hebrew .
After about  430 years of refugees in Hasaba, our liberator Muse, born in Hasaba, was called by EL AMLAK THE SUPREME ONE OF ESRAEL to lead the Lemba Beta Esrael children back to their homeland in Asir the Greater Yemen.
The Exodus happened around 1446 BC and Muse led the Lemba Beta Esrael children back to their homeland using the same anceint route; via the strait of Bab el mandeb
Before Muse died in the Great Yemen around 1406BC, some Israelites rebelled against him . This was a rebellion against the leadership of Muse and the scriptures that stipulated that the children should occupy Asir their former homeland of their forefathers as their promised land.
When the rebels defied all orders and went to occupy Palestine about 1360 km away from Asir, The weluda{ the faithful Israelites remained in Asir.
Remember that  Asir the promised land was only reserved for the Weluda{ the faithful}.
The rebels{ the unfaithful} went to occupy Palestine joining forces with Turkic Mongolians who had previously invaded GBS{ so called ancient Egypt} as the Hyksos.
We classify these rebels or the unfaithful Israelites as ”estranged Israelites.  They settled on the hill country near Jericho in the now so called modern Israel or the Transjordan now annexed by the Zionist regime that rules modern Israel today.
The Turkic Mongolians who in the fifth century BC century { around 530BC} changed their name to JEWS, together with the Estranged Israelites, started naming the places, tribes and peoples in Palestine, by the Geez names obtained from Asir the promised where the real homeland of the Israelites was and where the real Jerusalem was located.
Also the ancient language of original Esrael was Geez, but the Mongolians and Estranged Israelites changed this to so called Aramaic , Akkadian, Hebrew and all that junk!!!
They deleted the METSHAFE KEDUS{ Holy Scriptures} presented by Muse and forged what they called the TORAH.and they also forged multiple interpretations of the same and laced it with Talmudic doctrines and sects.
The Weluda in Asir maintained their position and declared that they would forever settle in the land of promise, the land of Muse’s wife. And they prospered. They were big merchants and traders of the peninsula, strategically located well enough to trade with India , Hasaba, mediiteranean and many more.
 The estranged Israelites and the Jews were unsuccessful in their Palestine. There was a neo balylonian siege and destruction of Jersualem of Palestine and many of our Estranged Esrael returned to their homeland in Yemen to join the Weluda that never left Yemen.
Our  estranged Israelite ancestors left Palestine at different epochs
In the epoch of King Solomon and Queen of Sheba, our fathers were a part of Solomon’s priesthood that accompanied prince Menelik{ Abumelik, son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba} to Ethiopia carrying the Original Ark of the covenant, leaving King Solomon only with the replica of this ark.
In the epoch of the Babylonia exile around 580 BC at the time of the siege of Jerusalem by the Babylonians, our ancestors split into three main groups:
  1. The group that fled in the night even though the city of Jerusalem was surrounded. This group took with them the replica of the ark of the covenant, box of sacred objects, and the Ngoma lungundu {drum that thunders} By the way of the king’s valley/garden , our ancestors fled under the leadership of king Bubha and settled in Yemen in the Hadramut valley where they built a city called Sena in memory of their ancestor Sena from  Yemen. IN THE OLD MAP OF ISRAEL/Palestine} THERE IS A CITY CALLED LEMBA named after our Estranged Israeilte fathers that chose to inhabit this place instead of Asir , contrary to  Muse and the scriptures. Reason they were not successful in Palestine. The Lemba Beta Esrael oral tradition affirms:



  1. The group that was taken into Babylonian captivity and after many years of captivity returned to Esrael./Palestine through warrior priest Ezra. Shortly after arrival in Esrael it was found that many priests and important men had married non Israelite wives especially moabite women. This group of mixed marriage were sent away by Kahen Ezra and they too moved and settled in Yemen in the Hadramut valley in Sena city 1 joining the group that migrated earlier under King Bubha
  2. NB: all the Estranged Israelites that settled in Palestine contrary to Muse and the scriptures were all expelled from Palestine by Jews and the Persians.
  3. All the twelve tribes were expelled and substituted with settlers of European stock. Then the Jews invented a story that 10 of their tribes were lost and that they were the Judah and Benjamin tribes that remained.
  5. About the group that remained in Babylon{ Egypt} and did not return to Israel under warrior priest Ezra. This group could no longer feel secure in Egypt when Cleopatra was defeated, They too moved to Yemen Hadramaut valley city of Sena, their original homeland..
BIRANA IS the Geez name of  a scroll made from goat skin parchment found in Sena and in today’s Ethiopia among Beta Esrael and the Ethiopian Tewahido Church.
King Buba was the ruler of Sena. King Hamisi/Hamese/Hamus succeeded King Buba and ruled in Sena
He later built a city of Phusela in Yemen, apparently named after the sea as they crossed the sea on their long journey. During his reign in Sena, King Hamisi led the Senas across the Red Sea into Africa. They divided into two groups, one group went West into Ethiopia{Beta Esrael but called Falashas by the Ethiopian Christian Empire}.
King Hamisi led his group along the Eastern coast, and they settled on the hills between Kenya and Tanzania, and named the place Sena 11, in remembrance of Sena 1 in Yemen. King Bakali ruled at Sean 111 in Delagoa Bay (Mozambique) the place is to date called Sena. There was an epidemic, the people again divided into two groups. One group went to Bale (Beira). They moved into the interior and entered Great Zimbabwe.
Why the lembas/Senas/Beta Esrael, left Yemen, city of Sena?????
  1. They were at trading disputes with sons of Hadramut and Marib{ sons of Joktan} in ancient Pre Islamic Yemen
  2. Sons of Joktan wanted to force the lembas /Senas into idolatry but lembas refused saying that they only worshiped one God of  Israel EL AMLAK.
  3. The Basena had a dam they used to irrigate their farmlands and water their flock. This dam was between three mountains, and the flood waters all flowed to the one location, and because of that the water only discharged in one direction; and the Senas blocked that place with hard rocks and lead. The water from springs gathers there as well as floodwater, collecting behind the dam like a sea. Whenever they wanted to, they could irrigate their crops from it, by just letting out however much water they needed from sluice gates; once they had used enough they would close the gates again as they pleased.
  4. But the dam suffered a breach during the war between the kingdoms of Hadhramut and Marib leading to the flooding of the dam. As the fighting continued the dam could not be repaired. and this caused devastating losses of crops and fruit, leading large numbers of people to disperse in search of new land capable of supporting life, so huge migrations ensued!!! lembas/Senas left Yemen and their esteemed city SENA 1.

Relocate 235 to the lands of Rabu’we sena, the Vhangona the Kgalagadi and Sena 1 { Sanaw} Yemen

The Flag or banner of Mangesha Lemba Beta Esrael
An old railway line through Sandfontein town, near Rustenburg City Northwest Province South Africa, the birthplace of His Imperial Majesty King Binyam Selamun. King of Lemba Beta Esrael, the approximate Vicinity of the location of the ”soon coming” city of Rabu’wesena { City of Sena 4 of the Lemba}
The castle of HIM Iyasu of Gondar Ethiopia NOW this imperial architecture has been adopted to erect an imperial Castle for the royal sitting of His Imperial Majesty King Binyam Selamun King of Lemba Beta Esrael in Rabu’weSena near the birthplace of His Imperial Majesty Binyam Selamun. This shall be the sitting of the Royal Supreme Court of the Kingdom. All correspondence may be made to:

The city of Rabu’wesena { Sena 4} shall be built by the Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom to fulfil an ancestral obligation of building cities called’ ”SENA” in every place of the sojourn of the Lemba Beta Esrael peoples in honor and memory of the Greatest Lemba Ancestor ”SENA” from Sena Yemen, the original homeland of all Lemba Beta Esrael people…

City of Rabu’wesena shall be built near the birthplace of His Imperial Majesty King Binyam Selamun and this city of Rabuwesena shall also serve to commemorate the cities of Sena 1 in Yemen, Sena 2 in the Zanji { on the hills between the now Republics of Kenya and Tanzania} and Sena 3 in the Sofala Province of the now Republic of Mozambique.

The Royal Supreme Courts of the Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom Rabu’wesena Mengesha Lemba Beta Esrael {MLBE} hereby collect data of those Lemba Beta Esrael persons who wish to be settled in the lands of Rabu’wesena {City of Sena 4 of the lemba} to be built soon near Sandfontein Rustenburg Northwest Province South Africa, and other Lemba cities shall be built , on Vhangona lands, Limpopo Province South Africa and on the lands of the Kgalagadi trans-frontier borders with Namibia and Botswana Northern Cape Province South Africa, and the rebuilding of the abandoned city of Sena 1 {Sanaw} Hadramaut Yemen, under His Imperial Majesty King Binyam Selamun, King of Lemba Beta Esrael.

This Honorable Kingdom, also endeavors to negotiate with the Honorable Government of Yemen, especially in the Hadramaut governorate over the intiatives of reoccupying the abandoned historical city of the Basena/ Balemba/Basaba/Bayemini/Beta Ezirael, which presently lies on the valley of the Hadramaut in Yemen under the name ”Sanaw”


 Data Entry and Relocation Application form, all in one form, to Relocate to Rabu’wesena, BANDAWE, Vhangona and Kgalagadi,and Sena 1 {Sanaw} Hadramaut Yemen: The promised land for all Lemba Beta Esrael People worldwide

 This form shall both capture data of lemba Beta Esraelites and afford all Lemba Beta Esraelite persons from any part of the world, the opportunity to apply for relocation to the promised land, all in one form.

 The selection committee of the Lemba Beta Esrael Royal Executive by authority of His Imperial Majesty the King, shall reserve the rights to either approve or disapprove applications. The committee arrives at either decision only after interviewing the applicants or after having conversations with them. Then the Executive committee would pass the application to His Imperial Majesty the King to affix the Royal Seal.

His Majesty the King exercises his prerogative powers to either approve or disapprove the relocation of any Lemba Beta Esraelite persons to the promised land

 His Imperial Majesty shall show approval by affixing the Royal Seal and shall show disapproval by not affixing the Royal Seal.

All applicants that are disapproved by the Executive selection committee and do not obtain the Royal seal approval from His Majesty the King, shall be given a second chance to reapply but only six months after this inital registration application.

In events where an applicant files a case against any unfairness, discrimination or prejudice in the process, the applicant may appeal to His Imperial Majesty the King through the Royal Courts for judgement on the case and or for His Majesty the King to show mercy or consideration.

All Lemba Beta Esraelites approved to relocate to the promised land, shall be issued with Lemba Beta Esrael National Identity Cards. A fee is chargeable upon the issuing of national identity cards and this shall be communicated to selected individuals in due course. Also the the specimen of the national identity card shall be displayed on this website in due course.

 All data collected shall be kept in strict confidence, and shall not be shared with any third party without due consent of the applicant.

This initial data entry and application registration process is free. Anyone found using the tools of this process to charge fees for registration of Lemba Beta Esrael prospective persons, shall be judged and charged by the Royal Courts of this Honorable Kingdom.

However the issuing of national identity cards to successful applicants that shall be approved by the selection committee and ultimately by His Imperial Majesty shall be liable to pay some fees to be issued national identity cards as citizens of the Lemba Beta Esrael kingdom which at this time is assuming imperial status. The Value of fees shall be communicated to selected individuals by the Adminstration and Record analysis division of this Honorable Kingdom in due course.

If you are a lemba Beta Esrael person from any part of the world and wish to be settled in the land of Rabuwe’sena{ city of Sena 4 of the Lemba} near Sandfontein, Northwest Province South Africa, or the land of Bandawe Malawi, or in the land of the Vhangona , limpopo Province South Africa and the Kgalagadi, Northern Cape Province South Africa, and Sena 1 { Sanaw} Hadramaut Yemen, under His Imperial Majesty King Binyam Selamun, fill the form below so that you could be in our database and also apply for relocation all in one form.


Only those Lemba Beta Esrael persons found on our database and have filed applications in all in one form shall be considered for settlement in the promised land:

Alternatively you can fill in the online form below and our team shall get back to you

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The Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom is a fully registered entity in the Republic of South Africa as Lemba Beta Esrael NPC under the provisions of South Africa’s Companies and Intellectual property commission, a member of South Africa’s department of trade industry group.

Our main aim in the kingdom is to restore the nation of Lemba Beta Esrael. This restoration entails:

The gathering of the Lemba Beta Esrael peoples worldwide

Lemba Beta Esrael people
Lemba Beta Esrael people

The acquisition of land

The erection of the Holy Temple

The Holy Temple

The Erection of the Royal Court Precinct

And Sustainable Solar Housing for all Lemba Beta Esrael people that will be settled in Lemba Beta Esrael specially designated territory within the borders of the Honorable Republic of South Africa.

Sustainable Solar Housing
A beautiful day with clear blue sky and solar panels on a house rooftop.

Your donation can make a strong impact in the lives of others. Every time you give and then look at what your giving has accomplished, your heart gets warm and your mission, your call and your purpose are met.

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