Lemba Beta EsraEl Kingdom Registration

This Honorable Kingdom by Royal Order of His Majesty the King hereby embarks on registration and data collection of all Deqiqe/ Progeny/Offspring of Lemba EsraEl worldwide.

This will enable a direct contact with all Deqiqe Beta EsraEl worldwide and enhance a successful digital community building. Then Subsequently the Kingdom will carry the digitally built communities to go lay a foundation for a settlement on the ground. All data collected is kept in strict confidence and privacy by the Kingdom’s Administration and by Royal Order.

Data may not be shared with the third without prior consent of the information bearer.

His Majesty the King calls upon all Deqiqe Lemba Beta EsraEl worldwide to register. Subsequent to this registration, the Kingdom shall maintain an effective and ongoing correspondence with the Deqiqe.

Register to Join Us

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