12 lemba Beta Ezira’El Tribe names in Geez

lisane GEEZ

Lemba Beta Ezirael people are a nation of 12 Gazan tribes from Asir Sena Greater Yemen. There were originally speakers of the Geez language. They are Basena/Balemba/Basaba/ BaYemini/Beta Ezira’El, True descendants of ancient Ezra’El.

They predate the Biblical Ye’akob {Jacob} who was crowned king and given the king title ” EZIRA’EL” This is the reason the twelve tribes of Jacob are not listed under the Basena/ Balemba/ Basaba/Bayemini. Its beacuase the tribe names they use are names of ancestors that were far older than Jacob and those ancestors were not narrated in the Jewish story. Basena relied on their oral traditions and not on the Jewish writings

The Basena/Basaba understand that ”Ezira’El” is not as a personal name but a title given to a king and that king does have to be Jacob, it could be anyone that El Amlak ordains or anoints.

Here is a list othe twelve tribes of the Basena

12 Gazan tribes of Balemba/Basena/Basaba/Bayemini/Beta Ezira’El
  1. BHUBAH/DUMAHI wald la SABA. Saba walada Buhubahe/ Sebuhubahe: imne Sena
  2. Selamun/Selam/selemon/Salomon/Selamawi/ Basalameka/ Dawit walada Salomonha: imne Sena
  3. Hamisi/Hamese/Hamus/Hamas’smay/Hames/Hamest/Hamesawi/Hamesay/Hamsa/Hemmase/Tehmsa/Tehmest: imne Sena
  4. Bakale/Bakale ‘smay Rama: imne Sena
  5. TABAKURA/ ABUKWAR/ TABAKWRA/BEKURE wald la Negus: imne Sena
  6. Mhani/Mani/Amani/MAHANA/ YEMHAN/ MAHAN: imne Sena
  8. SEDEQ/Yesdeq/ Tasaddaqa/ Seduq/Zasedq/ Sedqat/Seduqawi: imne Sena
  10. MADI/MADHI/MAHDI : imne Sena
  11. HASSAN/Hazzan/Hezano/Hezun/Hezent/Ba’aman wa Hezano: imne Sena

Below are the explanations of the 12 tribes of the Balemba/Basaba/ Bayemini/Beta Ezira’El

1.BHUBAH son of SABA, son of ISM’EL . BUBAH, is the same person as DUMAH and his name is derived from the patriarch SABA himself from the root SEBUBA or MASBUBAH in reference to SABA the patriarch of all BASENA/BALEMBA/BASABA/ YEMENI EZIRA’EL

BHUBAH is DUMAH. In the Geez transliteration ‘’DUMAH’’ means SILENCE from the GEEZ root DAM’A/ ADAME’A that also pertains to silence because it means listen/ harken/heed/ incline ear/ give ear

SABA, is used in reference to number 7 in the Geez numerology.

The root ‘sb’’ carries many meanings and can be conjugated in many forms to give various meanings. For instance:

Sabu’ meaning seven’ in reference to seventh day, seventh week or seventh month.

Sabbe’a meaning ‘’make seven’’

Saba’attu or Saba’tu meaning seven

Sab or Seb or Sab’u meaning seven

Seb’a meaning seven times. etc etc.

2. Hamisi/Hamese/Hamus

HAMUS is a GEEZ ordinal number meaning the FIFTH

NUMBER (5). HAMUS is the name of the fifth day. A male born

on the fifth day may be called HAMUSor HAMIS. All pertaining to the number 5.

In reference to the fifth heaven out of the seven heavens created by EL AMLAK The Creator, Hames is used as Bahames’smay {in the fifth heaven}

HAMIS is the fifth order of the 26 main graphs or syllables of our Geez language writing system. Hamis means five-fold


This tribe name should be pronounced ‘’Bakale’ in reference to the ordinal number ‘’second’’ but preceded by Ba- {in} Bakele is peculiar in Geez because it refers to second heaven as ”Bakale ‘smay” { in the second heaven}

There are seven heavens that were established or formed on seven pillars by El Amlak the Creator according to our Metshafe Qedus{ Holy scriptures} in Lemba Beta Ezira’El.

4. SELAMUN/ SELAMAN/ SELEMON/ meaning peace, His peace, let there be peace etc

5.Tovhakale/Thobakgale/Tovakare correct form is the Geez TABAKURA/ ABUKWAR/ TABAKWRA

TABAKURA means be a first born/ give birth for the first time/

first fruits/ first born. Bekure is the first born

6. Mhani/Mani

AMANI means faithful or true believer in GEEZ.

MAHANA/ YEMHAN/ MAHAN means scrub/ soften a hide/ a

soft hide. Aman is the one called Amen by most people and used at end of a prayer or in affirmation of truth or agreement and it means true or truly.

7.Hadji/Rahadji : The correct and original Geez form of this name is: HAGAR and it means a city. Therefore, HAGARAWI, HAGARITAWIT, HAGARITAY HAGAR all mean: city/town/village/province/district/homeland. However, this name has Arabic distortion to Haji in reference to journey or pilgrimage to Mecca.

8.Sadiki/Satekge: This name’s correct and original Geez form is SEDEQ and it means just/ correct/ right/ righteous. When the English word just is used like in the case of ”just king” , ”just judge”, it implies justice or fairness. In terms of choosing or selecting, it implies choosing or selecting the right or correct thing or person not the wrong thing or wrong person.

9. MAAKE/MANGE/NEMANGA/MAAKE/ MANGE means to get angry/ take offence/ scold/ threaten

MANGALA means towards/ in the direction/ by the side of/

with regard to

10.MADI/MADHI/MAHDI means guide/ spiritual guide/

AMADI means tree man/

MADI means ”I am here”/ ”here I am” in the language of the

MADI people of South Sudan, an offshoot of the BALEMBA.

11.HASSAN OR Hazzan/Hezano is a GEEZ

word meaning sadness or sorrow. One of the predecessors of the Great Lemba Ancestor Baramina{ Ba’Aman} was called Hezano

in our payers we have ”Ba’aman wa Hezano{ in Truth and sadness or sorrow}

12. SALIF/SAREFU/SARIFSALF/ SALIF means battle formation/forming a battle done in

a form of parade/line of battle/go in front/frontline/single line.

These twelve tribal names shall be elaborated in our incoming book entiitled ”Tarik Lemba Beta Ezira’El {History of Lemba Beta Ezira’El}

Flag of Lemba Beta Ezira’El Kingdom