Se’na Tsihuf Lemba Beta Ezira’El {Lemba Beta Ezira’El literature}

Donate towards the writing and publishing of Beta EziraEl literature! So that this GREAT work could be accomplished or become a GREAT SUCCESS and bring TRUTH to the scattered tribes of Beta EziraEl WORLWIDE and to the world at large!!

Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom is a Kingdom of the Basena/Balemba/Basaba/Bayemini people. These are the people of the Book. That book is the Te’ezaza Sanbat; The book of Banyemini{ Book of Mwenye}. Their identity description as the Basena is the most signicant of all. The word or name ”Se’na” points to them to an aesthetic people; the ones who embrace and make beauty and create art sciences. For instance , they are potters, basket weavers, metalsmiths. makers of irrigation systems, artists, painters, decorators and so on.

The Geez word ‘Sena” means the ”beauty of”. Their common chief ancestor was called ‘Sena‘; after whose name they built cities of Sena 1, Sena 2 and Sena 3.

Lemba Beta Ezirael Education system is usually framed by the Aesthetic ”Se’na”. So within the Memhar{University} of Se’na, the Se’na faculties and educational components include the following:

Sena Filsifina or Hatata: Philosophy

Se’na Zema: Music

Se’na Qine: Poetry

Se’na Tsihuf: Literature

Se’na Quanqa: Linguistics

Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom has a new book series on Amazon entitled ” Holy Scriptures and History of Lemba Beta Ezira’El.

In this series, only two formats of the Te’ezaza Sanbat have been published:

The paperback and hard cover. The kindle edition or format of the Teezaza Sanbat has been removed or discontinued becuase of the sacredness of the book.

The Te’ezaza Sanbat {Precepts of the Sabbath} is the Most Sacred writings in Beta Ezira’El. It opens with the most outstanding, never heard before, story of Creation of the Cosmic, the man Adam and all creatures or living entities in heavenly and earthly places.

The narration of the creation of all things by El Amlak Laul the Creator, leads us to the understanding of the presence of the Holy entity called ‘‘Sanbat” who is with El Amlak in the beginning at creation.

The Sanbat is the central core of our Te’ezaza Sanbat , not only as a sacred day on which El Amlak rested after six days of work of creation; but also as the LAW of El Amlak to be given to man and all heavenly hosts.

There is a phrase within the writings which introduces this essentiality, and that is”ONE MUST BE GIVEN THE SANBAT” meaning that one must be OBEDIENT , or KEEP the PRECEPTS/COMMANDMENTS of EL AMLAK LAUL{ Most High}

So, first, all heavenly hosts were given the Sanbat by Amlak Saba’ot {Lord of Hosts} ,but one Angel of Angels called Bernael and his hosts violated the Sanbat and were driven out of the Heaven of Amlak Laul.

Adam was given the Sanbat but violated it by eating the forbidden fruit. He was again given the Sanbat for salvation and remission of his sin.

Muse {Moses} was given the Sanbat to give and teach to all Deqiqe Ezirael{ Children of Israel} The Teezaza Sanbat goes on to account how all patriarchs received the Sanbat in obedience and how the ones who were disobedient or rejected the Sanbat suffered judgement and damnation.

The Teezaza Sanbat provides the essentials of the account we find in the Beta Ezira’El canon called ”Metsihafe Qedus” {Holy Scriptures}; which shall form the most important integral part of our Book Series on Amazon.

At this time two books have been published:

The Teezaza Sanbat and the Qeddase Lemba Beta Ezira’El have been published and the Kingdom is proud to present the two books in Standard English.

The Qeddasse Lemba Beta EziraEl is all about the lunar calendar of Beta EziraEl, the holy days and feasts and fasts, the songs and prayers recited at these feasts and fasts, the liturgy of the Sanbat, the book of the kahen{ priest} The book of hours{ used in Beta EsraEl monastery} and the importance of the language GEEZ and its relation to our lunar calendar and our entire astrology.

Front image of paperback and hardcover formats of our book ”Te’ezaza Sanbat
Back image of our Hardcover format of our Teezaza Sanbat
Back image of Paperback format of our book ”Te’ezaza Sanbat
Front image of paperback format of our book ”Qeddase Lemba Beta Ezira’El
Back cover image of our book of the Liturgy

The kingdom endeavors to publish more books to be part of the series and the titles shall include:

Lemba Beta Esrael Metshafe Qedus { Holy Scriptures of Lemba Beta Ezira’El} to be published soon.

Tarik Lemba Beta Esrael{ History of Lemba Beta Esra’El} to be published soon.

All Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael are encouraged to get themselves copies of the Literature books to read as much as they can about their scriptures, their true origin and history, their customs and traditions.

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