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In The Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom we have videos mostly delivered By His Imperial Majesty King Binyam Selamun, the King of Lemba Beta Esrael: Teachings, Updates, assurances, awakening, encouragement. inspiration. planning, strategy, ambition and the general status of the Kingdom

His Imperial Majesty King Binyam Selamun states the position of Lemba Beta Esrael. Who we are and who we are not. His Majesty calls this position ” My proposition”
His Imperial Majesty King Binyam Selamun of lemba Beta Esrael in this video shocks Pan Africanists and colonizers, the saints and the profane. He explains that the name ” Africa is not the true identity of persons who call themselves African today. And that all they that call themselves african continent and republics of africa are actually ”kingdoms” not the colonial misnomer ”Africa” an Italian word.
His Imperial Majesty King Binyam Selamun King of Lemba Beta Esrael on this video delivers a Sabbath message. In Lemba Beta Esrael language ”Geez” sabbath is called ”Senbet” and this is observed according lunar calendar counting depending on the lunar cycles. His Imperial Majesty explains the liturgy of the Senbet in Lemba Beta Esrael. His majesty exposes the Greek texts behind the writings of the so called old testament which distorted the true Mashaft Qedus{ Holy scriptures} of Lemba Beta Esrael. His Majesty reinstates the essence of Lemba Beta Esrael scriptures and the importance of maintaining the customs and traditions of Lemba Beta Esrael and not to be swayed by those of other nations.
His Imperial Majesty King Binyam Selamun King of Lemba Beta Esrael shocks the world on this video explaining the real whereabouts of the most important relic of Lemba Beta Esrael called ”Ngoma lungundu” It is the duty of His Imperial Majesty king of Lemba Beta Esrael to regather all relics , sacred objects and artefacts of Lemba Beta Esrael to go along with the gathering of lemba Beta Esrael worldwide. The sacred objects give power or might to Lemba Beta Esrael. On this video His Majesty speaks with startlig power and clarity on the subject!!!
Selam Selam. On this video His Imperial Majesty King Binyam Selamun King of Lemba Beta Esrael talks about his Lemba Beta Esrael children sold into slavery in the Americas and islands of the Sea, His Majesty acknowledges the diaspora’ as ”children of Selamun” and encorages them to conduct DNA testing and is very confident their DNA shall be ” lemba” to prove beyond doubt that they are truly truly Lemba Beta Esrael children. His Majesty finally makes a call to all those having lemba DNA to come back to the kingdom and enjoy their long forgotten heritage.
Selam lelikululumu. His Imperial Majesty King Binyam Selamun King of Lemba Beta Esrael, On this video calls on all deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael especailly those in Senayi{ South Africa} to prepare for the Great entourage where His Majesty shall return with great glory and honor. His Majesty urges the deqiqe to form groups in their homes , towns, cities villages and hamlets to prepare for the kingdom that shall come to them. His Majesty says the time is near. The kingdom of Lemba Beta Esrael is at hand. Are the deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael ready for this great Royal entourage.? It is a call and challenge to all Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael worldwide.
Selam Selam Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael. His Imperial Majesty Binyam Selamun on this video greets all Royal dignitaries with great honor. His Majesty looks back as his children that were sold into slavery with love and admiration but gives a hard look and a strong word to those that enslaved his children. His Majesty goes on and lays a charge emphasizing that reparations be paid. No-one enslaves, robs, and steals by mistake, the victim must go on and lay a charge. The perpetrators should have been stopped. His Majesty speaks like a real warrior on this video.

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    1. Selam . We thank you for your inquiry. A Geez language grammar book has not yet been released in the kingdom. But efforts are being taken to make that possible. However, we do have elementary level Geez class on this website under ” our language Geez” where we show the 26 main syllables of Geez [ from Ha- to Pa-} and each syllable has its seven orders that look like vowel settings. We also have the same class on one of our facebook pages but more engaging for beginners than on our website. You may be added or request to join at the following link
      Now concerning Beta EziraEl Holy scriptures, we do not possess the complete Canon usually called ”METSEHAFE QEDUS”{ Holy Book}. in Standard English. It is only availbale in GEEZ but its Geez format is NOT for publishing on our Amazon Book series. The Kingdom scribes are working on the translation and compilation of the Holy book in standard English, now as we speak. The Holy Book will open with a precreation book called ”Book of the Armies/Wars of EL AMLAK” The same is found in another book called ” Hidden book” and this includes our version of the Book of Yasar { Book of calamity}. However, so far we already have the TEEZAZA SANBAT { Precepts of the Sabbath} and the QEDDASE {liturgy} in standard English and these can be found on our Amazon book series. You can also find info here on our website under ”SENA TSIHUF Lemba Beta EsraEl.{ Lemba Beta EsraEl literature. } Our Holy Book is about 70% complete now as speak and our Tarik { History} book of Lemba Beta EsraEl is also 70 % complete at this time. The direction of Our History book will depend entirely on the contents of our Holy book. Our Holy Book completely replaces or substitutes the Greek septuagint, Roman and Greek recensions , the Jewish Torah, the Jewish prophets, the Jewish midrash, oral writings or any other literary and post literary texts. Our TEEZAZA SANBAT has literally corrected and even replaced/ substituted the Greek Genesis on the account of creation and the essence of the Sabbath. This kingdom is here to restore Holy Scriptures of EziraEl back to their original status. Selam

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