Lemba Beta Esrael Registered in South Africa

Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom has been officially and legally registered in the Republic of South Africa. Lemba Beta Esrael has been registered under the articles and provisions of South Africa’s Companies and Intellectual Property Commission{CIPC}, a member of the Department of Trade and Industry group , as a Non Profit Company {NPC}

Lemba Beta Esrael functions under articles of incorporation provided by CIPC and carries the memorandum of incorporation signed by designated directors of Lemba Beta Esrael.

The backbone of this formation is that directors and or incorporates of the Non Profit company do not share the profits as is the case in companies that are not non profit. Rather , the directors and or incorporates direct finances earned in the corporation towards helping Lemba Beta Esrael people. Earnings or rewards given to directors for their sacrifice can only be passed as compensation. We are glad and proud to announce that all our directors currently work voluntarily with full devotion to the development and advancement of Lemba Beta Esrael.

Below we display the image of the certificate of registration of Lemba Beta Esrael as a Non Profit Company and to foster transparency and legal standing of Lemba Beta Esrael. All those stakeholders and partners that endeavor to enter into legal agreements with Lemba Beta Esrael , may request a pdf copy of the registration certificate and or original copy of the memorandum of incorporation at betaesraelroyalcourts@betaesraelkingdom.com

This assures all partners, stakeholders, members , players and collaborators, of the credibility , authenticity of Lemba Beta Esrael and peace of mind on the part of all role players when working with lemba Beta Esrael or participating in Lemba Beta Esrael Activities. Below is the image of our registration certificate

Physical address:

Lemba Beta Esrael Royal Court Pretoria

Gauteng Province

South Africa

Lemba Beta EsraEl Royal Court Santiago Chile

South America


Tel: +56989642393 Email: info@betaesraelkingdom.com

Be it known that South Africa is the promised land and the New Jerusalem for all Lemba Beta Esrael people.

All Lemba Beta Esrael people do recall our oral traditions and events that led to South Africa attaining this status. The Amlak El Mwali Sena Amlak La kullu Manfas sent a star to lead the Lemba Beta Esrael fathers out of Sena, Yemen to Hasaba, to Sena in Sofala, to Mapungubwe, to Great Zimbabwe and crossed the Vhembe river into the land of the Vhangona {now part of Limpopo province} led by the Great Selamun of Lemba Beta Esrael.

The Forefathers carried the drum of the Dead, the Drum of Mwali, the drum that thunders { Ngoma lungundu} and entered what is now limpopo province of the present Day Republic of South Africa. For this reason, we honor the Honorable Republic of South Africa as the Promised land and the New Jerusalem.

To have Lemba Beta Esrael Registered in South Africa is a great signal of the Great arrival in the promised land. This registration marks the sitting of the Kingdom in South Africa as ”Lemba Beta Esrael Royal Supreme Courts South Africa.” and as a historic move of all time.

Be it known too that this honorable kingdom is registered in Santiago Chile South America, the current Sitting of His Majesty King Binyam Selamun, King of Lemba Beta Esrael and Indianapolis Royal Court United States of America under His Royal Highness Prince Amun of Lemba Beta Esrael.

However, Lemba Beta Royal Supreme Courts South Africa endeavor to coordinate, manage, host and preside over the glorious return and the glorious welcoming of His Majesty the king to South Africa the promised land.

At Lemba Beta Esrael Supreme Courts South Africa, His Majesty the king, shall be given a Royal and dignified welcome by Her Majesty the Queen Mother Bukeka Na’ayah Esrael Qongqo of lemba Beta Esrael, the mother of all Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael, and His Majesty shall also be welcomed by Her Royal Highness Princess Palesa Pholosi of Lemba Beta Esrael, who shall also distinguish several Royal Personages in the promised land to greet and meet His Majesty the king.

His Majesty the king, shall leave Chile, the land of sojourn and head to South Africa with great Glory, Chants , Songs. Poems and Ululations.

There shall be wonders and signs in the sky and on the earth below during His Majesty’ the king’s arrival and it shall be known to all nations!

Registration of Lemba Beta Esrael in the Honorable Republic of South Africa, means all of the above.