Uniform for deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael

Selam Lemba Beta Esrael Selam Hzb Yaman Esrael.Blessed be our Amlak , the Amlak of all Spirit and all Flesh.Selam to His Majesty King Binyam Selamun, King of Lemba Beta Esrael.Selam to Her Majesty The Queen Mother of lemba Beta Esrael Queen Lehuma Selamun Selam to the High Priest and Chief of the Priests Abune ZaAgazeto Tsiyon of Lemba Beta Esrael.Selam to the Crown princes and princesses of lemba Beta Esrael.Selam to the Royal Supreme Courts of Lemba Beta Esrael Sandton, South Africa, the promised land.Selam to the Royal Executive Council of Lemba Beta Esrael.Selam to all Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael in the four corners of the earth.Be it known that as from the first light of the 29th day of our moon Nehase and year 7092 in lemba beta Esrael lunar calendar, the uniform, tunic and or traditional wear for all deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom { children of Esrael or offspring of Esrael}, shall be as outlined in the images and descriptions attached to this Royal Message.The Lemba Beta Esrael Royal Supreme Courts, in the name of His Majesty The King who speaks through Royal Messages and by upholding the articles of the Royal Constitution here constitutes The Uniform of Lemba Beta Esrael people as legal and official uniform. Temesgen . We are thankful.Lemba Beta Esrael Royal Executive endeavors to organize, manage how the uniform would reach the deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael. This would obviously be done through the Kingdom’s store called Malakat Store.Selam Hzb Lemba Beta Esrael Selam Betasab

Netela (ነጠላ) is a scarf like cloth made of cotton very thin and delicate, with the texture of a gauze, worn by all women in Lemba Beta Esrael.
The netela has only two layers and is quite big, measuring about 63 x 102 inches. It is white with a colorful border (tibeb) between 1 to 2 inches at each end with two variations, one has only one color and the second can have many colors and patterns

The netela can be worn in different ways. For general wear, the netela covers back and shoulders and the border are folded up over the right shoulder, but for temple activities the two layers of the netela are opened and the border goes over both shoulders. When the border is worn around the face or shoulders, it is a sign of mourning, but for recreation or resting the border goes over the left shoulder.

There are other textiles like the netela. There is one called fota, that is much more colorful with a dimension of 58 x 105 inches. It usually has a checkerboard design and it is a medium-weight textile that is worn simply wrapped around the shoulders or over the head as a shawl.


These textiles are woven by hand in handmade looms. Weaving is a traditional male job and is held in remarkably high regards.

Another kind of textile we have is The Habesha Kemis (also written as Yehabesha Qemis). It is considered the traditional dress of Ethiopia, as well as, a cultural dress in Eritrea. The Habesha Kemis is a white hand-woven cotton clothing that is made from shemma. This is a cloth made by sewing together long strips of woven fabric. Approximately 75cm wide, the shemma is hand-woven by traditional weavers known as Shemane. Hand-made patterns known as Tibeb (ጢቤቤ) are made using woven shiny threads and are added to the Kemis on the waistband and edges.

However, the way the Kemis is presented can differ by community and ethnicity, for instance we have Shewa and Gondar ways or versions of presenting the Kemis. The Shewa version can choose to place the embroidery on the bottom, cuffs, or waist of the dress. Sometimes, it will feature on all three places. In Lemba Beta Esrael our version is  the Gondar version  which positions the embroidery on the bottom hem, only at the back of the dress. Traditionally, the Kemis is ankle-length and uses a white shemma. Nevertheless, you can also find modern versions which have adopted different structures and styles. Below is our Gondar version:

Habesha Kemis Gondar

The Shewa version is shown below:

Habesha Kemis Shewa
kemis with tibeb

It can take up to three weeks to finish one dress. The Kemis is soften worn during ceremonies and special events. But it is not uncommon to see them at casual occasions as well. Women will often wear the dress with Netela This too will have tibeb added to its edges, which often matches the design on the Kemis.  The tibeb can either be made up on one color or have multiple colors and patterns. It is common for the Kemis to be paired with two shawls, one to cover her shoulders and another for her head

The Netela is not the only textile women wear to accompany their Kemis. There’s a lengthy cotton sash, known as the Doncho (ዶነጮ), which can be 26 feet long. This textile is reserved for married women only and comes with colored border.


Another type of textile, equivalent to the netela but only worn by men is the Gabi (ጋቢ).
Instead of just two layers like the netela, the gabi has four and it is warmer and heavier, much like a light blanket
. Gabi is perfect for the night-time or colder seasons.


For warmer temperatures, men will cover their heads with a thin shawl known as Kuta


Kaba, an integral part of Ethiopian culture, is a robe worn by kingdom royals since BC. Kabas are now worn during traditional Ethiopian and Eritrean wedding celebrations. Although kabas are recognized as a cultural symbol of royalty, they too embody our kingdom identity as lemba Beta Esrael or heirs to the kingdom


In Lemba Beta Esrael tradition, the Kaba royal gowns bear the symbol of the pomegranate fruit {with all its six parts}, exactly like a typical star {kokeb} and the symbol of the ear of wheat or barley is also embroidered.  These symbols are derived from the way of life of Lemba Beta Esrael people as an agricultural people that produce fruits like pomegranate and grain crops like wheat and barley.  The star is depicted to symbolize the Lemba Beta Esrael people’s knowledge of astronomy. The pomegranates, the star and the ear of wheat or barley symbols that we use, are not derived from the religion of Judaism as practiced by the Jews. NO! The symbols mentioned are entrenched in our way of life and culture as Lemba Beta Esrael.Be it known. Below are the images of pomegranate and ear of wheat:

Ear of Wheat

Lemba Beta Esrael Registered in South Africa

Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom has been officially and legally registered in the Republic of South Africa. Lemba Beta Esrael has been registered under the articles and provisions of South Africa’s Companies and Intellectual Property Commission{CIPC}, a member of the Department of Trade and Industry group , as a Non Profit Company {NPC}

Lemba Beta Esrael functions under articles of incorporation provided by CIPC and carries the memorandum of incorporation signed by designated directors of Lemba Beta Esrael.

The backbone of this formation is that directors and or incorporates of the Non Profit company do not share the profits as is the case in companies that are not non profit. Rather , the directors and or incorporates direct finances earned in the corporation towards helping Lemba Beta Esrael people. Earnings or rewards given to directors for their sacrifice can only be passed as compensation. We are glad and proud to announce that all our directors currently work voluntarily with full devotion to the development and advancement of Lemba Beta Esrael.

Below we display the image of the certificate of registration of Lemba Beta Esrael as a Non Profit Company and to foster transparency and legal standing of Lemba Beta Esrael. All those stakeholders and partners that endeavor to enter into legal agreements with Lemba Beta Esrael , may request a pdf copy of the registration certificate and or original copy of the memorandum of incorporation at betaesraelroyalcourts@betaesraelkingdom.com

This assures all partners, stakeholders, members , players and collaborators, of the credibility , authenticity of Lemba Beta Esrael and peace of mind on the part of all role players when working with lemba Beta Esrael or participating in Lemba Beta Esrael Activities. Below is the image of our registration certificate

Physical address:

Lemba Beta Esrael Royal Court Pretoria

Gauteng Province

South Africa

Lemba Beta EsraEl Royal Court Santiago Chile

South America


Tel: +56989642393 Email: info@betaesraelkingdom.com

Be it known that South Africa is the promised land and the New Jerusalem for all Lemba Beta Esrael people.

All Lemba Beta Esrael people do recall our oral traditions and events that led to South Africa attaining this status. The Amlak El Mwali Sena Amlak La kullu Manfas sent a star to lead the Lemba Beta Esrael fathers out of Sena, Yemen to Hasaba, to Sena in Sofala, to Mapungubwe, to Great Zimbabwe and crossed the Vhembe river into the land of the Vhangona {now part of Limpopo province} led by the Great Selamun of Lemba Beta Esrael.

The Forefathers carried the drum of the Dead, the Drum of Mwali, the drum that thunders { Ngoma lungundu} and entered what is now limpopo province of the present Day Republic of South Africa. For this reason, we honor the Honorable Republic of South Africa as the Promised land and the New Jerusalem.

To have Lemba Beta Esrael Registered in South Africa is a great signal of the Great arrival in the promised land. This registration marks the sitting of the Kingdom in South Africa as ”Lemba Beta Esrael Royal Supreme Courts South Africa.” and as a historic move of all time.

Be it known too that this honorable kingdom is registered in Santiago Chile South America, the current Sitting of His Majesty King Binyam Selamun, King of Lemba Beta Esrael and Indianapolis Royal Court United States of America under His Royal Highness Prince Amun of Lemba Beta Esrael.

However, Lemba Beta Royal Supreme Courts South Africa endeavor to coordinate, manage, host and preside over the glorious return and the glorious welcoming of His Majesty the king to South Africa the promised land.

At Lemba Beta Esrael Supreme Courts South Africa, His Majesty the king, shall be given a Royal and dignified welcome by Her Majesty the Queen Mother Bukeka Na’ayah Esrael Qongqo of lemba Beta Esrael, the mother of all Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael, and His Majesty shall also be welcomed by Her Royal Highness Princess Palesa Pholosi of Lemba Beta Esrael, who shall also distinguish several Royal Personages in the promised land to greet and meet His Majesty the king.

His Majesty the king, shall leave Chile, the land of sojourn and head to South Africa with great Glory, Chants , Songs. Poems and Ululations.

There shall be wonders and signs in the sky and on the earth below during His Majesty’ the king’s arrival and it shall be known to all nations!

Registration of Lemba Beta Esrael in the Honorable Republic of South Africa, means all of the above.