Donate to the Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom

Donations can be made to the Kingdom directly by Clicking the button below to donate via Paypal or by Debit or Credit Card


The Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom is a fully registered entity in the Republic of South Africa as Lemba Beta Esrael NPC under the provisions of South Africa’s Companies and Intellectual property commission, a member of South Africa’s department of trade industry group.

Our main aim in the kingdom is to restore the nation of Lemba Beta Esrael. This restoration entails:

The gathering of the Lemba Beta Esrael peoples worldwide

Lemba Beta Esrael people
Lemba Beta Esrael people

The acquisition of land

The erection of the Holy Temple

The Holy Temple

The Erection of the Royal Court Precinct

And Sustainable Solar Housing for all Lemba Beta Esrael people that will be settled in Lemba Beta Esrael specially designated territory within the borders of the Honorable Republic of South Africa.

Sustainable Solar Housing
A beautiful day with clear blue sky and solar panels on a house rooftop.

Your donation can make a strong impact in the lives of others. Every time you give and then look at what your giving has accomplished, your heart gets warm and your mission, your call and your purpose are met.

monetary donations can be sent via Paypal or Credit Card by clicking on the button below:

Click Here to Donate via Paypal


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