Lemba Beta Esrael kingdom resume of governance and its Royal Executive Council

Flag/bannar of the Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom

Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom is an ABSOLUTE MONARCHY.

His Imperial Majesty the King is custodian of the entire Lemba Beta Esrael Culture; to guard , protect and advocate for the integrity of all Deqiqe lemba Beta Esrael

. The person of His Imperial Majesty is inviolable and is immune to all liability. Any party that violate His Imperial Majesty the King and or subjects His Imperial Majesty the King to any liability shall be charged with TREASON by the Honorable Royal Supreme Court of this Kingdom

His Imperial Majesty King Binyam Selamun King of Lemba Beta Esrael

The whole Nation of lemba Beta Esrael is collectively called Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael. There are twelve tribes of Lemba Beta Esrael governed here

All Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael are protected in this Honorable Kingdom in terms of’:

  1. Freedom of Speech and Expression
  2. Freedom of association; to form sub committies and regional groupings that associate to bring about change and development in the Kingdom
  3. Against all form of discrimination, prejudice and unfairness
  4. Against gender based violence. domestic violence and all manners of violence and crimes
  5. Against drug and alcoholic abuse
  6. Against genocide perpetration and infiltration from outside that tend to destroy Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael.
  8. The intruders could be of a religious nature or of a political ideology that could try to derail the Deqiqe from their culture seeing that some deqiqe may be gullible and fall for this intrusion,
  9. The intruders may try to take advantage of the gullibility of some Deqiqe, but the Kingdom shall step in and protect the Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael!
  10. Similarly the Kingdom protects the Deqiqe from any illegal medications from outside the Kingdom that have not been subjected to test by the Kingdom’s science laboratories for safety and efficacy.
  11. All medications prescribed in the Kingdom shall only be deemed legal if they have been produced within the Kingdom by the Kingdom’s pharmaceutical experts and such medications must have obtained Royal Charter Incorporation. The Royal Charter of His Imperial Majesty King Binyam Selamun, King of Lemba Beta Esrael.
  12. Against illiteracy and ignorance; the Kingdom has established Memhar Rabuwe’sena{ University of Rabuwe’Sena} Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom to provide FREE education to ALL Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael.
  13. Education in the Kingdom is COMPULSORY just for the sake of shielding and protecting the Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael. konwledge is power, life and development.
  14. The University of Rabwe’sena provides education from kindergarden to post doctoral levels of education.
  15. There are NO preschools primary schools, secondary schools and such. Its ONY the University offering ALL levels of education!!!
  16. Against homelessness and lack of energy for heating, lighting cooking and so on. The Kingdom uses the earth to build superdomes and solar energy to empower all homes offices, temples, communityl centers and such
  18. Anyone that pollutes our environment shall be deported immediately and never to be seen again near the borders of the Kingdom!
  19. Against the deprivation of the mind: All deqiqe shall have their opinions, suggestions, views, thoughts collected by the Kingdom’s social affairs director so that those opinions, suggestions, views, thoughts could be used in the construction and development of the kingdom. So that for any construction and development seen in the kingdom, the Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael could know and feel that they are a part of that construction; a part of that development!.
  20. Against malnutrition and toxicity: The Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael eat or consume ONLY that which they produce from their farms. orchards, gardens and so on. The kingdom has adopted PERMACULTURE to take care of this.
  21. No foreign foods, consumables perishables are allowed to enter the gates of Rabuwe’sena Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom. No-one knows whats in them!!.
  22. Against careless, rude, and stupid pollution. No smoking is allowed whether it be cigarette or marihuana, Anyone found smoking within the gates of the Kingdom will be deported immediately for the sake of protecting the health of the Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael.
  23. The Kingdom is against violence directed towards our neighbors. Regional Selam{peace} and cooperation are promoted highly in this Kingdom
  24. Against civilian possession of firearms and live ammunition. ONLY disciplined security force, police force and defence force may hold such weapons to protect the Deqiqe but ONY under Royal Charter Incorporation. in order to obtain Royal Charter Incorporation for their functions, the mentioned forces must meet a number of criteria through a royally appointed commander of those forces.
  25. No Civilian possession of firearms , No firearm licences must be given to civilians. For instance a civilian cannot purchase a firearm from a departmental store in the Kingdom.
  26. There are No gunshops in the Kingdom!No stupid and careless behavior with firearms!

There are many protections, freedoms, and rights of the Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael that may not have been mentioned on this Royal Bulletin, but we shall mention them from time to time

The appointment of Royal Executive Directors, Royal Dignitaries.Royal Emissaries, Royal Diplomats and Royal Messengers shall only be by His Imperial Majesty the King depending entirely upon His Majesty the King’s application of Royal standing orders and Royal Decrees.

His Imperial Majesty appoints a Chief Executive Director who heads a Board of Executive Directors responsible for carrying out executive functions in the Kingdom

The Chief Executive Director in turn by Royal Seal of His Majesty the King chooses his/her Directors and forms a Royal Executive Committee

The Secretariat/Board of Directors and the Committee may hold meetings from time to time as need arises and report to His Majesty the King for His Majesty’s highest information. through the Chief Executive Director

His Majesty the King may communicate with the, board, Secretariat and or the Royal Executive through Royal Messages and these messages shall not be subject to debate or challnge either at the Secretariat or the Board and at the Royal Executive Committee.


The  Lemba Beta Esrael Royal Executive Council are an integral part of The Secretariat under section

13 of the Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom Royal standing orders as explained below:

  1. a) The Kingdom’s Governance shall have a Secretariat  headed by a Royal Executive Committee to assist the appointed Chief Executive Director in executing his/ her day to day business. The Executive Committee of the Secretariat shall  comprise :
  1. The Chief Executive Director
  2. Deputy Chief Director
  3. Director – Lemba Beta Esrael Culture and Heritage
  4. Director –Lemba Beta Esrael Finance and Economic Affairs
  5. Director Lemba Beta Esrael Social Affairs
  6. Director ‘ Lemba Beta Esrael Foreign and International affairs
  7. Diretor: Lemba Beta Esrael Immigration and Home Affairs
  8. Director: Lemba Beta Esrael Defence and Security
  9. Director: Lemba Beta Esrael Heatlh
  10. Director: Lemba Beta Esrael Education
  11. Director: Lemba Beta Esrael Housing and Infrastructure
  12. Director.Lemba Beta Esrael Legal Affairs
  13. Any other Officer appointed by His Imperial Majesty the King based upon the recommendations and advice of His Imperial Majesty the King’s Senior Advisory Council and the Chief Executive Director

The Royal Executives in the Council currently hold positions as illustrated below:

1. Lemba Beta Esrael Telleq Kahen {High Priest } and Liqa Kahenat { Chief of the priests of the order of the Priesthood of Melketsedek,  Abune Mar ZaAgazet Tsion. ነኝ ይሁድ አና ሊጅ 🕎ዘእግዚአብሔር አና ዘኢትዮጵያEne Yihudi ena Zelidj ZeEgziABher Beta EsraEl🕎ደቂቀ ኢስራአል🕎 Ethiopia, Gondar, and USA. Director of Culture,and Heritage. Member of Lemba Beta Esrael Royal Executive Committee. Senior ADVISORY to His Majesty the King.

Telleq Kahen Zaagazeto Tsiyon of Lemba Beta Esrael


His Royal Highness Crown Prince Henok Selamun. First born son of His Imperial Majesty King Binyam Selamun Rabuwe’sena Near Senayi. The Crown Prince is Director of Health. in the Kingdom and Member of Lemba Beta Esrael Royal Executive Committee. The crown prince is a medical doctor and is always ready to serve the Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael in Rabuwe/sena near Senayi. The Crown Prince may be contacted at: info@betaesraekindom.com

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Henok Selamun of Lemba Beta Esrael


His Royal Highness Crown Prince Kirubel Selamun Second born son of His Majesty King Binyam Selamun of Lemba Beta Esrael Rabuwe’sena near Senayi . The crown prince is Director of Housing, Architecture and Infrastructure. He is Member of the Lemba Beta Esrael Royal Executive Committee. The crown prince is educated in architecture Hydraulic engineering and computer science and is always ready to serve Deqiqe Lemba Beta Esrael Rabuwe’sena near Senayi. Contact the crown prince at : info@betaesraelkingdom.com

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Kirubel Selamun of Lemba Beta Esrael.

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