Lemba Beta Esrael Association {LBEA}


Lemba Beta Esrael  Association {LBEA} exists to reach out to Lemba Beta Esrael peoples locally in South Africa and to those Lemba Beta Esrael peoples in the uttermost parts of the world under the motto: ‘
Reach One to Teach one, and to Feed Many in Our World’’
LBEA was initially registered as a Global Organization in Chile, South America, and the USA.  Now LBEA has been registered under South Africa’s  Common Law
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Physical Address:

2ND Floor, West Tower

Nelson Mandela Square

Maude Street



Johannesburg , South Africa

Postal address: PO Box 785553,  Sandton 2146 South Africa

Telephone : +2711 881 5421 

The  purpose and aims of LBEA are as follows:
  1. To be organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and/or scientific purposes, specifically for the relief of the poor, distress or underprivileged; including for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future Federal Tax Code.
  2. To serve to enhance (a) The socio-economic status, health and welling being of members of the Lemba tribes of Beta Esrael and other peoples, without regard to race, color, creed, or national origin; including giving lectures and teachings on the Lemba culture of Beta Esrael, (b) conduct programs on the rites of passage for youth which include life skills and job skills training, (c) provide housing programs, senior adult programs, child day care programs, senior assisted living programs, (d) provide counseling, literacy training, resume writing, computer training, and training in basic math and English.
  3. To receive funds from whatever legitimate source in order to pay approved expenses.
  4. To conduct, transact, supervise, and perform the business, and manage the Corporation’s affairs.
  5. To lease, hold and otherwise acquire, manage, use, enjoy and maintain all manner of property, real and personal, indicated for the establishment, growth, maintenance, and perpetuation of the Corporation.
  6. To sell, lease, barter, mortgage, exchange and otherwise dispose of and convey any and all its property, real and personal, whether same has been received by purchase, gift or devise or in any other manner.
  7. To collect funds and goods, receive gifts and legacies, and make any and all contracts for services and supplies necessary for carrying out the purpose of the Corporation
This voluntary organization is now based in Johannesburg South Africa.
About Lemba Beta Esrael people
Lemba Beta Esrael people are the native tribes of the land of Israel that have been scattered to the four corners of the earth. Traditional leadership , institutions, and council of this precious people have taken initiative to unite them.
The name ‘’Lemba’’ distinguishes them as an industrious. agricultural and productive people, the nature and qualities they genetically received from their forefathers , the Sabeans, sons of the patriarch ‘’Saba’’ whose homeland lied/lies on the plains, valley,s and watercourses of the Southern Arabian peninsula and the Jordan in the now Israel, Jordan and Yemen.
Like their ancestors the Sabeans, the lemba people had a special flair for trade and were indeed tradesman in incense, and spices. They were also miners of Gold. copper, iron. etc. They traded in ivory. They were craftsmen, artisans, metal smiths. The list is endless.
The name ‘’Lemba’’ comes from the Geez/’Amharic/Tigrinya root’’ lem’’ or lemlem’’ meaning to cultivate crops or to contribute society in a profitable way. In Bantu languages’’ {SeSotho , SeTswana, Sepedi} ‘’lema’’ means ‘cultivate’’ plant’’ while ‘’Malema’’ means one with a tendency of planting or cultivating crops
They are ‘’Beta Esrael’’ Beta’’ means house or family or household, making the famous name ‘Betasab { corrupted to Batsheba} to mean family or house of Saba. Saba, the patriarch. One can see from this , that the mother of the Great Biblical Solomon was Betasab meaning family of house of Saba, showing clearly that she was the daughter of Saba the father or one born from that family or lineage of Saba. The part of her name ‘’Beta’’ does NOT mean ‘’daughter’’ or daughter of’’
Today many Lemba people call themselves Bashavhi, which means Basaba {sons of Saba} Hasaba which means from Saba or of the lineage of Saba. Since the Sabean ancestors of the lembas were traders, the name ‘’Bashavhi’’ is taken to mean ‘’traders’’ even though we know that they are pronouncing their lineage in the name.
The name ‘’Esrael’’ comes from the name ‘’Ezra’’ which means ‘helper or aider’’ . ‘’El’’ means the Almighty God . Therefore Ezrael means ‘’ Helper or aider of the Almighty God or the one who rules with God. or a mighty ruler.
The name Yeakob{ Jacob} means a follower, but after Yeakob the follower had demonstrated his valor in war, he was turned into a ruler or leader, and he was no longer regarded as a follower{ Yeakob}
Now Lemba Beta Esrael people in the diaspora, can be found in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia, going by the identity ’’Hebrew Israelites’’
In the African continent, we have Lemba Beta Esrael people identified as the following:
1. Zimbabwe and South Africa lemba Beta Esrael people are called LEMBA
2 Rwanda and Burundi Lemba Beta Esrael people are called TUTSI
3.Uganda lemba Beta Esrael people are called ABAJUDAYA
4, Ethiopian lemba Beta Esrael people are called BETA ESRAEL
5. Malawi, Kenya and Tanzania lemba Beta Esrael people are called BAMWENYE
6. Congo lemba Beta Esrael people are called BALUBA
7. Nigerian lemba Beta Esrael people are called IGBO
8 Ghana lemba Beta Esrael people are called ASHANTI or SEFWE
9.Sudan lemba Beta Esrael people are called MAHDI
10. Mozambique lemba Beta Esrael people are called BASENA
11.Our Lemba Beta Esrael people in the modern state of Israel are called Ethiopian Jews
We are appealing to any helping hand from anywhere in the world and from all walks of life, to support our cause in the form of monetary donations, alms and gifts. Your helping hand, your donation, your mite and your love can go a long way in mitigation. Your giving can help us transform and enrich lives.
Your donations can help us realize our dreams and aspirations, to implement the following:
  1. Provision of shelter, sustainable water reticulation and solar empowered sanitation
  2. Food security and agriculture through urban and peri-urban agricultural models and horticultural gardens
  3. Clean solar energy in communal settlements with sensitivity to the hashes of climate change in harmony with global climate change initiatives
  4. Implementation of clean green energy pilots and green solutions in general.

Our incorporation’s database currently holds a total of 440 families that need to receive good housing, sanitation, water supply, primary health care, food and food security and many other social amenities. 383 of those families reside in Springs Johannesburg, while the remaining 57 families reside in Soweto, Johannesburg. Our association aspires to make a strong and positive impact on the lives of such families. This is  key to our community association and a fundamental principle

Lemba Esrael   Association’s  adopted ideas and innovations

Our Niche: Sustainable Solar Housing


tiny house with huge solar


house with solar interior design

residential solar

greengreen solutionsgreen4

Lemba Beta Esrael  Association’s  Organizational and Constitutional  Structure

According  to our constitution, lemba Beta Esrael Association shall be headed by world council referred to in the constitution as Board of Trustees, The council shall appoint a secretariat which shall comprise the executive committee headed by a Chief Executive Director

The Council comprise prominent Lemba Beta Esrael persons with proven experience and special expertise in the Economic, Cultural, Social and Political sectors. Selection of the World Council members  is guided by the Chief Executive Director

The duties and responsibilities of the Council include the following:

To control  the assets and strive to attain the objectives for which the NGO is established.

To employ a Director to manage and administer the finances received for the implementation of the objectives of the NGO and remunerate such a Director from funds administered by the NGO, including travelling and other expenses which may necessarily be incurred by such Director in the course of his or her duties.

To delegate to the Chief Executive Director, the powers to:

  1.  To appoint suitable and permanent staff for the management, administration and implementation of the objectives and aims of the NGO.
  2.  To invest any capital amount received as well as the income thereon which may not be immediately required for the purposes of the NGO in such a manner as they may deem fit and to realize, vary, transpose any securities,assets, investment and property from time to time and such times as they in their sole discretion determine or consider to be in the best interest of the NGO.
  3.  To pay all expenses incurred in connection with the formation and administration of the NGO
  4.  To appoint agent or agents to represent them for any specific purpose including the power to employ accountants, attorneys, advocates and other professional persons for any specific purposes and remunerate such persons at the usual professional or business rates;
  5.  To take action in a court of law for the recovery of any amounts due to the NGO or compel the fulfillment of the obligations in its favor and to defend any proceedings that may be instituted against the NGO.
  6.  To allow time for payment of debts to the Trust and to compromise claims by the NGO in their discretion.
  7. To purchase immovable property or acquire any movable equipment or machinery that may be necessary for the promotion of the NGO
  8.  To open and control any bank accounts or building society account
  9.  To exercise or cause to be exercised such further including the right to take out insurance as they in their sole discretion may consider necessary to carry out the objects of the NGO and in this respect the trustees are hereby exempted from any personal liability for losses that the NGO may suffer as a result of the bona fide exercise of any of their other powers in terms hereof
  10. To purchase, sell, obtain or mortgage, let and hire any movable or immovable property in the customary form of such purposes and in such manner as the Executive Director considers to be in the best interest of the NGO.
  11. To expend NGO Funds on maintenance, construction, improvements, alteration, rates, taxes, insurance premiums and any immovable and movable property
  12.  To exercise or cause to be exercised such powers and authority as the World Council in its sole discretion may consider necessary to carry out the objectives of the NGO.
  13. Through the Chief Executive Director, receive donations and request donations from donors or grants at local or international levels or from any source whatsoever in favor of the NGO, and to generally administer the same and ensure action or implementation of the aims and objectives of the NGO, subject to the terms hereof and to conditions as may be imposed by the Donors or other persons, provided that such conditions are consistent with the terms of the NGO.

In furtherance of the foregoing objects, the NGO  confers powers to the Chief Executive  Director to carry out the following;

  • To organize conferences and study tours and finance or contribute to the costs thereof:
  • To print, publish or make grants for the purpose of printing and publishing material for the purposes of advancing the objects of the NGO.
  • To establish and support or aid in the establishment and support of any associations or institutions and to subscribe or guarantee money for such purposes in any way connected with the purposes of the NGO or calculated to further its objectives.
  • To affiliate or cooperate with any other organized body or cooperate with any other organized body having objects of the NGO;
  • To accept and apply legacies and gifts of money or other property whether subject to any special trust or not and loans of money, either with or without security or give financial assistance by way of donation or subscription or otherwise to any Association or other NGO not carrying on business for profit, for use for the purposes permitted by or similar to the objectives of the NGO only;

 The Secretariat  of The Lemba Beta Esrael Association

The NGO  has a Secretariat (full time Lemba Beta  Esrael Association employees) headed by a 5 year term Executive Committee to assist the appointed Chief Executive  Director in executing his/ her day to day business. The Executive Committee of the Secretariat comprises:

(i) The Chief Executive Director

(ii) Deputy Chief

(iii) Director – Heritage and cultural affairs

(iv) Director – Finance and Economic Affairs

(v) Director- Social Affairs

(vi) Director – Political affairs

(vii) Any other Officer appointed by the Executive of the World

Council based upon the guidance of the Chief Executive Director.

  1. Signatories to NGO Accounts

The signatories to any of the NGO’s accounts shall be the Chief  Executive Director, the World Council Chairman and the Economic Affairs Director or any other person or persons nominated by the Executive Director from time to time.

Annual Report and Return and Accounts

The  Council  comply with their obligations under the NGO and relevant legislation in respect of Beta Esrael Country Councils.

  1.  The keeping of accounting records for the NGO;
  2.  The preparation of annual statements of account for the NGO.

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When you give to Beta Esrael, your donations provide healthy living conditions for our people around the world. Will you help us with Sani-Solar sanitation? These are the links when you click on each site. Learn more by browsing both sites and please and give us your feedback.


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