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Blessingsyətbaräk ‘əgzi’abəher ‘amlakä ‘əsra’el

lemba Beta Esrael kahenatListen to  lemba Beta Esrael kahenat {priests} singing and praying in our sacred Ge’ez Language ” የጋራ ቋንቋችን” በመ/ር መላኩ አስማማው . They are calling the name of Lemba Beta Esrael power as follows:

የእግዚአብሔርም መንፈስ ሁሉ ሥጋ Amlak lakullu manfas walakullu zasega {The Lord of all Spirit and of all flesh}


Indeed the torch is in the hands of our King HRH King Binyam Selamun and on our Videos, His Majesty SPEAKS to  All Deqiqe Esrael { Children of Esrael} giving THEM his MOST SOLEMN WORD :

His Majesty Binyam Selamun