Our Mission Statement: Rebuild Zion Amos 9:11

Selam to all Deqiqe Lemba Beta EziraEl. It is time to restore Seyon{Zion}!! To restore Iyyarusalem.!!! It is time to the end!!!

. All Deqiqe Lemba Beta EziraEl worldwide are urged to participate in the rebuilding of Seyon. Your donation or tithe can make a difference! Every donation or tithe is like laying a brick or stone for building the foundation and walls of Seyon..

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zion desolation

Reinstate the order of the priesthood, the highest court, and reinstate the High Priest. 

zion restoration planRebuild the Holy Temple and bring 
Sacrifices  once again  at the Holy Temple. 

Bring peace to EziraeEl and to the world.

Gather the scattered Beta EziraEl from all over the world.

Restore the 12 scattered Tribes of EziraEl to the Kingdom of  Lemba Beta EziraEl.

Makhado mountains, land of the Vhangona

To rule all twelve Tribes. Twelve tribes of lemba Beta Esrael. Restore the family systems within each Tribe as they had originally functioned

Uphold and restore complete performance of the commandments and complete obedience to ELAmlak Beta EziraEl Amlak la kullu Manfas.

Cause all Lemba Beta Esrael in the entire world to fulfill the Commandments of the ORIT, and to uphold and strengthen the one and only true Beta Esrael way{ Haymanot}


Beta EziraEl

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