Our language Geez

geezGeez  language is our ancient sacred language and our treasure.

 By the ninth or tenth centuries ancient Ge’ez ceased to exist as a spoken language in Ethiopia.

After the thirteenth century,  spoken Ge’ez also split into many closely related tongues, mainly Tigriña in the north and Amharic in the south.

However, written Ge’ez was kept firmly in use purely for sacred and scholarly endeavors, from the thirteenth through the seventeenth centuries, known as the “classical period” of Ethiopian literature.

For the purpose of analysis, the term “Ge’ez” will simply refer to the script and not the language, since the script is applicable to it’s modern counterparts.

However, the Beta Ezirael kingdom has declared Geez as the official language.

Geez syllable HA. the beginning of a lion, the alphabet, and the world,
Geez syllable LA
Geez syllable HHA
Geez syllable MA
Geez syllable SZA
Geez syllable RA
Geez syllable SA
Geez syllable QA
Geez syllable BA
Geez syllable TA
Geez syllable XA
Geez syllable NA
Geez syllable glottal A
Geez syllable KA
Geez syllable WA
Geez syllable pharyngeal A
Geez syllable ZA
Geez syllable YA
Geez syllable DA
Geez syllable GA
Geez syllable THA
Geez syllable PHA
Geez syllable TSA
Geez syllable TZA
Geez syllable FA
Geez syllable PA. the ending


Astrography, or the charting of the stars and hence,
the calendar, is the third property of the Ge’ez system. The
system, with it’s 26 classes and 7 variations provide its total of 182
syllographs. One hundred and eighty two, being half of 364,
represents a half-year or one equinox. In the Ethiopian
calendar, where the months all contain 30 days,
(with the exception of an additional month
that has only five or six days) each half year begins on April 1st and October
1st. Each of the 182 syllographs
represent one day in each
equinox. The extra day on the
western calendar can be
attributed to discrepancies
between solar and
equinoctical measurement.
The seven variations of each
class represent the seven
days of the week, beginning
with Ge’ez (Sunday) and
ending with Sabat (Saturday). 21
Each of the syllographs
have a corresponding number
value from 1-5600. The number
values associated with each syllograph
also contains codes of the Ethiopian
knowledge (mystery) system. The numerical
values assigned to syllographs and words in the old
testament give insights into interpretation and provide memory
markers for the oral retelling of the stories.

geez chart
Numerical value of the Geez writing system
  1. Ge’ez
  2. ka’eb
  3. Salis
  4. Rab’e
  5. Hamis.
  6. Sadis
  7. Sab’e


Seven columns
The seven columns represent seven days of the week:

Currently many Beta Ezirael peoples are learning Geez for communicative purposes but mainly as a way of returning to their ancient customs and traditions.

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