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Lemba Beta Esrael Kingom is here today as it is written:

”Then I will establish the throne of thy kingdom upon Israel for ever, as I promised to David thy father, saying, There shall not fail thee a man upon the throne of Israel.” {1 Kings 9:5}

Today , the scriptures are fulfilled. The Beta Esrael Kingdom is restored. 

Welcome to the eternal kingdom under an eternal covenant. One Nation under one king.

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When you give to Beta Esrael, your donations provide healthy living conditions for our people around the world. Will you help us with Sani-Solar sanitation? These are the links when you click on each site. Learn more by browsing both sites and please and give us your feedback. 

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Meet  the people of Lemba Beta Esrael. sons of Lemba, sons of Sena, Sons of Baramina/Bar-emuna/Baamun/Amun, sons of Selamun.

Thy people also shall be all righteous: they shall inherit the land for ever, the branch of my planting, the work of my hands, that I may be glorified.Isaiah 60:21


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Lemba Beta EsraEl Kingdom Registration

This Honorable Kingdom by Royal Order of His Majesty the King hereby embarks on registration and data collection of all Deqiqe/ Progeny/Offspring of Lemba EsraEl worldwide. This will enable a direct contact with all Deqiqe Beta EsraEl worldwide and enhance a successful digital community building. Then Subsequently the Kingdom will carry the digitally built communities … Continue reading Lemba Beta EsraEl Kingdom Registration

12 lemba Beta Ezira’El Tribe names in Geez

Lemba Beta Ezirael people are a nation of 12 Gazan tribes from Asir Sena Greater Yemen. There were originally speakers of the Geez language. They are Basena/Balemba/Basaba/ BaYemini/Beta Ezira’El, True descendants of ancient Ezra’El. They predate the Biblical Ye’akob {Jacob} who was crowned king and given the king title ” EZIRA’EL” This is the reason … Continue reading 12 lemba Beta Ezira’El Tribe names in Geez

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Se’na Tsihuf Lemba Beta Ezira’El {Lemba Beta Ezira’El literature}

Donate towards the writing and publishing of Beta EziraEl literature! So that this GREAT work could be accomplished or become a GREAT SUCCESS and bring TRUTH to the scattered tribes of Beta EziraEl WORLWIDE and to the world at large!! Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom is a Kingdom of the Basena/Balemba/Basaba/Bayemini people. These are the people … Continue reading Se’na Tsihuf Lemba Beta Ezira’El {Lemba Beta Ezira’El literature}

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Our Videos

In The Lemba Beta Esrael Kingdom we have videos mostly delivered By His Imperial Majesty King Binyam Selamun, the King of Lemba Beta Esrael: Teachings, Updates, assurances, awakening, encouragement. inspiration. planning, strategy, ambition and the general status of the Kingdom

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